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5Th Week In Bp

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Hi all,

I have been using benzagel 5 for almost 5 weeks. I use it only in the night. I apply neutrogena naturals night cream over bp and use body shop vit c moisturizer with spf 30 in the morning. And I use the body shop cool and creamy tea tree face wash both morning and night. I hardly use any makeup maybe garnier bb or bare minerals some days. I was almost clear by the end of 3rd week, but again started getting more. Now my skin is more flaky, bigger pores. Very confused to how my skin is reacting. Will my skin get better if I change any of the products? I have my brothers wedding in 6 weeks. I need to have good skin by then. Please help!!!

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Topical BP can be too irritating for some people...hence the delayed reaction as your skin is getting too irritated. People prone to acne can get flare-ups when the skin barrier is disrupted. You may want to do a BP cleanser instead. I like Panoxyl 10% (can get in drug stores and online). I was unsure when my derm recommended this approach for my very sensitive, flaky skin. But it works! Do the BP cleanser instead of your tea tree cleanser in the morning. Then moisturize. Continue with everything else you're doing but avoid the BP topical gel. I'd recommend a milder moisturizer instead of the Body Shop Vit C moisturizer (...vit C can be too irritating when doing BP in any form). My derm swears by DML lotion. I had such awful oily but flaky skin that it was hard for me to use a moisturizer but my derm insisted because it helps to heal the skin. He says DML is used by plastic surgeons following facial surgery...so you know it's mild. I called the company and it is specially formulated to not affect acne prone skin. It is amazing stuff...I love it.

Hope that helps. And that your skin clears up by the wedding. Drink tons of water, avoid dairy and all sugary foods. Also alcohol and caffeine. This will help the inflammation cycle to stop. Your body will be calmer overall and that helps the skin.

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Thanks cvd for the suggestion. I want out of bp application so will def change to the wash after I finish the tube. Meanwhile I'm alternating between bp and tea tree lotion to wean out of bp. Once out of bp completely will start retinol. Haven't heard about DML will look into it. Hope it works, fingers crossed!

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Hope retinol works for you! I tried and tried to use it through the years but every time I did it completely messed up my skin...even the milder versions. For some reason it causes my skin to keep on peeling and being inflamed even after doing everything right in application, etc. When I stop using it my skin returns to more normal. It never helped my acne at all. Personally I think it must work great for more superficial acne but if you have cystic acne + sensitive skin then it may do more harm than good. This is just my experience tho and I know many people love it. If you do decide to do retinol then you can't use any BP product...and that may be why it doesn't work for deeper acne. For deeper cystic acne you need something that kills the acne bacteria and retinol doesn't do that. It only causes skin to peel which opens the pores and that is good but for some acne it isn't eneough. I prefer the combo of the BP cleanser + topical antibiotic (Cleociin-T) and monthly microdermabrasion. This combo opens the pores and kills acne bacteria.

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