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Organic Oils While On Isotretinoin

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Hi! I am currently on my Day 15 (week3) of isotretinoin. I am experiencing mild dryness on my lips but I still feel a little bit less oily than usual. I am using burt's bees (peppermint) to soothe my lips and as for my face, I would like to know if organic oil/herbal oil are recommended while taking isotretinoin e.g. Argan oil and moringga oil as moisturizer and as toner it's the moringga o2 toner. Thank you very much!


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I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use an oil on your face while taking isotretinoin. While there is no real scentific proof that these oils have as much benefit as they claim, they do make a good moisturizer. If you notice your skin getting dry and flaky then, yes, I would suggest a moisturizer. Make sure it is 100% extra virgin and cold-pressed.

I didn't see you list it, but jojoba oil is supposed to be great for oily skin. It is said to mimic the sebum the skin produces and tricks the skin into thinking it has produced enough, resulting in less oil production.

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Thank you! Im still using moringga oil on my face and its keeping its moisturizing effect on me. I use it on my hair as well.

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I asked my derm. He said not to use any oil during or after. he said to only use oil free products. I kinda want to get that famous Tarte's oil but since he said not to..I only use oil free things. ;/

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My dermatologist also said to use oil free products. I just finished my treatment. At the beginning, when I felt my skin on the drier side, I began to use Jojoba Oil at night and sometimes Vitamin E oil. I don't know if these oils were the cause of it, but I started to notice larger pores around my nose, and after I stopped applying oils my pores shrank a little. Since then I don't use oils on my face...

It's just my experience, because I heard from many people that oils work wonders for them.

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