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I've heard a couple things said on anti fungal cream on here and I'm just wondering what everyone's thoughts on it were. My acne isn't terrible but of course I'm looking for a cure all product. I'm 26 and Ive struggled with acne for probably 13 years so at this point I'm kinda in the "screw it lets try it" phase of acne. Haha. I live in a very healthy life style. Take multivitamin and probiotics and yada yada yada. I literally just want to know everyone's opinion about anti fungal cream for acne... Not a lifestyle lecture. Thank you :)

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I have been asking about antifungal creams for the face on the seborrheic dermatitis thread, but no luck.

If I hear something I will let you know.

I think someone wrote about prescription ketoconazole on page

47. But I would like to know about over the counter.

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Also , the closest to antifungal that I know it works is the vicks vaporub, you can watch some you tube videos, there is a guy with a really short video and he says Vicks vaporub or blue star ointment for ringworm, better than prescribed antifungals .He doesn't specify what part of the body, he only says for people who go to the gym.

I have used monistat 7 , and lotrimin on my face and I only got more itchy and more pimply.

I put a blob of vaporub all over my face before going to bed and when I remove it in the morning with a couple of make-up remover towels,I can see the vaporub sometimes is yellow color.

But this is something that I was willing to try.

My sister who has had a toenail fungal infection that never cleared with prescriptions, has been healing it with Vicks vaporub.

Go on the wikepidea (sp ?) , on Vicks vaporub and also check all the ingredients what they mean.

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If you have to choose one anti-fungal cream, please let that be LAMISIL dermgel.

It helped my pityrosporum and I'm still using it long after the fungus are gone - just to be sure lol!

All the best!

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Thank you GoDDeSSofZits....Thanks a lot ...I have been trying the lotrimin cream ,the one for Jock itch , the one in the yellow ,black package, it seems to help with seborrheic dermatitis flares .

I will check the one that you have used.

Thanks again.

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Please do update! I've personally tried the LAMISIL dermgel for my pityrosporum and it cleared me in 7 days (with 7 days continued usage day and night).

I hope it works for you too!

All the best!

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