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The Perfect Diet

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I know there are a myriad of different diet plans and routines that people swear by in order to fight acne. But if you had to lay out the perfect meal plan for just one day- one meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including food and drink, what would it be?

Interested to see all the varying answers we get just to add to the TMI that's already on the internet

Here's mine:


Food: Two organic, cage free eggs eggs (with some liquid egg white mixed in if you prefer) scrambled or cooked over easy with chopped peppers and tomatoes, cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Drink: Warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey


Food: Two slices of grilled organic chicken breast, cooked with chopped red & green peppers with mushrooms in EVOO)

Side of carrots and hummus

Drink: Water mixed with lemon, honey, or Apple Cider Vinegar


Food: Grilled salmon, topped with honey, served with sliced avocado

Salad with spinach leaves, tomatoes, black olives, peppers, chickpeas, EVOO

Drink: Water

Supplements: Fermented Cod Liver Oil, vitamins of choice

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There is no perfect meal. If you want as close to perfect as you can get, just get tested to see which foods make you react. Or test yourself somehow.

But if I had to lay out a perfect meal:



Whole Wheat

Poppy Seed





Brazil Nut

Cashew Nut

Kidney-Pinto Beans



+ Whole Organic Free-Range Veggetarian fed Eggs

You wanna know why? Cuz I got tested for it!

Also I'm veggetarian, so no meat for me. When you think about it, meat really isn't that good anyway. There isn't as much taste in meat as there is other things. Most meat that's eatin is seasoned in some way. When I had my first veggie burger, I thought it would be nasty. Turned out, it was some of the best meat I had ever had, but it wasn't even meat! I wanted another until I realized it broke me out because of all the soy.

Not trying to push anything on you. Just sharing my experience.

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