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an unlikely product to speed healing

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No, this isn't one of those ubiquitous miracle cream/snake oil threads, before anyone asks.

I was reading an acne community on livejournal and one poster mentioned the possibility of using zinc oxide (diaper rash cream) directly on active acne, so I tried it because the science behind it makes sense. All diaper rash cream is is a zinc oxide ointment. Neosporin has a zinc compound in it for the same reason, but at least with diaper rash cream, you don't get the antibiotics if you feel you don't need them.

Anyway, i use a very small amount of popped whiteheads, and the isolated spots I get. It's helped considerably, where I'd have some hyperpigmentation from the recent zits, there's nothing but smooth skin.

The cream is applied at night in a very small amount, and rubbed into the zit. It's then washed off during the next morning's regimen. Plus, the fact that there is stuff on your face makes for a good motivator to get out of bed and wash your face in the morning.

This is good for those who can't or won't take zinc supplements orally (they make me violently ill) but still want the beneficial effects of zinc.

Hope this helps someone.

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Guest Scorpioness

I use this... it seems to help with red marks, however the formulation I use contains petroleum and mineral oil and it tends to clog my pores, so I don't use it more than twice a week, at night.

If you find a better formula, maybe you can post about it.

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