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I am doing your regimen, Its working pretty good (day 10) but honestly, I just switched over to the Clean and Clear line like you suggested. I have a small problem though, I can't seem to do good with the measurements of the Blackread Removal (SA), What I mean is I wash my face (usually I use a spray nozzle to wash my face off) but some how the blue dot crap is still all over my face, am I putting too much on? Cause its working great but people at school are telling me I have blue stuff on my face and sure enough its the dots, thanks!

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Hi!! Botchla hasnt been here in a while (i think) ...

When I used that stuff.. I used my hands and water to wash it off.. since ur using a a spray nozzle <- that may be it =P.. Just don't let it get near your hair where it can hide... and spread it in your palms kk =p

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I would say like a glob full, i do have alot of residue left over in my hands, I reduced the size of it and I have no such reported beads or stuff like that since I reduced the sides, its working pretty good (day 11), though there are still some pimples on my face and some between my eyebrows. not really pimples there but redness and small dots, does anyone know a good trick for that region, or should I just keep using the SA/BP stuff to eliminate it?

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its day 13 and I have some breakouts to the side of my face, it might be the initial breakout, the problem is there is one pimple which is really two but they are close together, and it keeps getting hard and then soft. Clean and Clear Advantage is supposedly good? It's the same product, right? Its still a 2 percent SA, right? Please get back to me

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