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What does everyone here do when your friends

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I was just wondering seeing as it happened a lot to me over the past few years, what does everyone here (acne sufferers) do when your friends know you have acne yet they always wanna go out and eat acne aggravating food?

I've had plently of days where me and my friends would go out and get something to eat and almost all of the time they'd say something along the lines of 'lets get some chips', or 'mcdonalds food' and drinking lots of fizzy drinks and junk food. They never get fat or get acne despite eating so much junk food.

Personally, I used to just go and eat whatever they ate you know just to follow the crowd but now, I always say 'na, you get what you want and I'll get my lunch from somewhere else'. I have noticed improvement though since I decided that i need to eat more healthily.

Anyone else had something similiar happen to them? I'm interested to know what everyones else has experienced.

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Me too, although I'm chinese, people (whom I've been just acquainted with) keep saying "lets go to macs" and I just feel really antisocial and "overly healthy" when I don't wanna.

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Look it this way..you will be less embarassed to go there eat like a pig and when someone asks you why you brakeout you say from the junk food instead of not going and telling that junk food brakes you out smile.gif.Anyway food doesnt have anything to do with my skin (i tested it numerous times)

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