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Red Marks/ Brown Scars Healing Only Without Moisturizers

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Hello guys,

I must be losing my mind, but I was wondering if any of you has experienced this.

My acne scars seem to heal only when I clean my skin, leave it dry and use absolutely no moisturizer, not even one with an acid specifically designed for scars. If I use any moisturizer, the scars remain there for months, but without one they heal rather quickly in one - two weeks.

I don't scar like normal people with acne do. Instead I get some sort of "acne leftovers", such as red marks and small brown spots (eventhough I'm pale as a ghost and that type of hyperpigmentation is supposed to happen mostly in dark skinned individuals). Nothing deep skin.

I remember that a few years ago I had a cut on one of my fingers and it wouldn't heal with a bandage on even if I kept it for a week. Once I took out the bandage, it healed in a day (probably because of the Oxygen).

So, anyone else in the same position? I wish I took pics to show you, but my confidence is really messed up when it comes to selfies and I haven't even thought I would experience this.

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