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accutane brand name

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ok im just about done with my 1st month of CLARAVIS. and i went to the 1 month check up thing and i got a new prescription. but this time he prescribed me with SOTRET.

is this ok? or is my derm. on crack?

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There are several generics for accutane...so either one of those should be fine...i stuck with the actually brand name of accutane b/c with my insurance it was only $5 US more than the generics...which I've heard some negative things about...I'd recommend asking for the Claravis when you have the Sotret filled...its the same thing and usually the pharmacy won't have a problem...its much like asking for the brand name as opposed to the generic...or vice versa...its really a good idea to stick with the same manufacturer and brand...there have been a few instances out there where the generic isn't as closely monitored as the brand..so you're better off sticking with the same thing month in and month out...best of luck...

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Croft is right that they are the same thing. I started off on Amneensteen (that is not the correct way to spell it and I am too lazy to look it up but you get the point) for the first two months. The doctor recently prescribed me Sotret for my third month of Accutane. He explained that the difference was that the generic brand I was on before did not come in 60 mg so I would need to take Sortret 30 mg two times a day.

As far as cost goes....well...for the first two months I paid $194 for Amneensteen (improperly spelled once again) and this month, the pharmacy wants $476. Needless to say, I am no longer on Accutane and am in the process of writing a letter to my dermatologist to see if he can help me.

Generic brands are basically the same thing as the brand name so don't worry.

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Guest Craigems

Fark u americans pay lots for Accutane.

Thank god i'm Australian, government helps with medical so i pay $26AUS ($19.50 US)for 60x20mg tablets. eusa_dance.gif (medicine is cheap as chips for us)

You guys get soo rorted lol. eusa_wall.gif

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