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Ok be warned this is going to be long and i am going to give my general story, so if you are not interested in reading alot dont.... But the "Caveman" regime has worked for me way better than anything else!

Ok guys so about a month or so I was EXTREMELY stressed about my acne, it would honestly be on my mind 24/7 just worrying about what people think about me at school, I had recently got a girlfriend too so the stress levels were through the roof!!! So I started doing research and noticed that maybe it was my diet, i used to eat bags of chips easily, chocolate, any type of meat, and NEVER vegetable nor fruits. I am a stonner so i would eat without control. But once i noticed my acne i was in actual shock and started worrying and would stress over everything so i changed my diet just like that. No dairy, caffeine, wheat (Only whole wheat), sugar, would check carbs on foods, the fats, suagrs you name it, i was checking it, even went on a Paleo diet for a little bit. So aside from that before summer (January-august) i was using HARSH products on my face with sacylic acid and alcohol rubs and would get CRAZY burning (I thought this was "Getting rid of the bad stuff under the skin" little did i know i was stripping away my healthy oils and protection barrier and could feel EVERYWHERE on my face was dry, just smiling i could feel the wrinkles on my cheeks.. So i stopped with those and bought "Cetaphil" I would cleanse my face 2 times a day, once in the morning in the shower, then once at night in the shower again. But i noticed my skin was still getting VERY dry but only around the corners of nose and see wrinkles between my nose and cheeks (Keep in mind it is Winter so we are getting -8C) So i decided to go to the doc, he told me that i needed just to moisturize and continue what i was doing, so i did, i bought a "Glaxal" moisturizer and would apply that both morning and night. It kinda helped but i noticed i was getting red patches under the skin on my cheeks. So i went down to only cleansing my face once at night still in the shower (I thought that the good oils overnight wasnt worth washing off in the morning and that maybe 2 times a day was irritating my skin making it red) I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend and that raised my stress level even more. So eventually my acne was getting worse and worse and i was getting fed up... Like what was i doing wrong? I didnt understand...and i was EXTREMELY stressed, i cant explain to you enough how stressed i was. I even changed my diet to eating vegetables and fruits only, with the exception of 0% yogurt and whole grain "Aspen" cereal. But was seeing NO DIFFERENCE, if anything worse... So i was DONE, i stopped and thought "Okay I am doing something wrong clearly" and also thought "I have acne and i need to live with it" so i slowly got more comfortable (Breaking up with my girlfriend also lowered my stress level in the end just because i wasnt stressing about looking nasty in front of her) So stopped caring, like actually i just accepted myself as who i was, if i got acne, i got acne. Got rid of 75% of my stress ( A HUGE part playing with my acne, at least that's what i believe, and has been somewhat shown to cause acne) I decided to look up the "Caveman" regime and OMG this has helped me so much so far, i dont got crazy bad acne but i didnt want acne. So i gave it a try, not like my acne was getting any worse (At least in my mind) So now i dont cleanse what so ever and only take 1 shower in the morning and honestly i have seen improvements far beyond any other improvements i had. What i believe helped is i was always washing away the healing oils on my face so my face could never heal and was always being irritated and being clogged with the washing. Since i have started this regime about a week ago, things could not have gotten better. Of course you will get the occasional zit, you cant help that, no matter what you do, its puberty.... but about 3 days ago i started getting a little less serious with my strict diet, and started eating more sweets and just generally less healthy stuff then i was (But still eating vegetables and fruits of course, also FISH for omega-3 which is suppose to be good for the skin!!! Oh and i also started taking a multivitamin and a Calcium+D3 vitamin cause i still do not eat much dairy, cause i dont really wanna risk testing it out quite yet, but i can definitely eat baked sweets like poppy lemon seed cake) and i dont get breakouts and can now eat what i want :)))))) MAKES ME SO HAPPY

So i guess in short words, my acne aggravator was my intense stress levels and cleansing too much, i started this caveman regime and honestly it has done wonders for me (And vitamins!!!!!). Now im not saying this is the same for everyone but i was mild acne and tried this and it worked for me, so what i suggest is if your skin feels/looks red and irritated maybe its cause your washing too much and your skin doesn't like it? Just try this out, i heard for some people their skin gets worse for a couple of days but begins to repair itself. Like just think about cooking networks, those people cook hella unhealthy stuff and dont have crazy bad acne, its the shit you put on your face that makes it worse, at least thats my opinion. I said to myself if i found a treatment i would share it with the internet and here i am. I hope someone reads this and decides to try something or learns something. Im not too good at these so it might not be that helpful/informative but i just wanted to give my story

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Very interesting. I'm glad that is working for you! Always inspiring to hear a success story! I don't know if I want to do the caveman regimen though but that's pretty cool!

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Thanks! :) Well I got a question, does it seem like you facial cleansers are helping? If so stick with what your doing but what I found was the problem for me was my face was being irritated and being clogged by constantly washing my face! and getting rid of the "Healthy" oils our skin produces. If you have severe acne then I could see someone having to use cleansers but in my situation I didnt have to. Maybe try it out and see how it goes? Keep it in mind I live somewhere that its pretty cold during winter so i bet that wasnt helping my skin at all. Hopefully something works for you :) Good luck!!!!

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Lol I live In minnesnowta. I know all about cold. And I just recently changed to cetaphil instead of a harsh bp wash. And my face is reacting well so I'm gonna stick with this for a while. Glad to hear you're face is clearing up though!

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