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Nodule/cystic Acne On Each Side Of Chin! Losing My Mind

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Ok so I have had this lump just above my chin for about a month now and it's absolutely getting me down. The first 2 weeks I handled but I'm about to lose it. I have the photo attached. I've been on antibiotics, used hot compress, topical treatments, tea tree oil, aspirin and baking soda- you name it and I've done it over the past month. The dermatologist in our town takes a year to get in and I have no idea what my next step should be...... I can't live with this anymore :( make up is getting harder to cover up. It's now a point whether I want a large red bump or a slightly lighter then my complexion bump on my face. I choose the slightly lighter one with makeup but its still noticeable :/ any advice guys. I want to go get it cut out.. Seriously!



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Hi, I would in your place go to GP if you cant get dermatologist. Doctor should give you steroid injection. Please don't try to pop it and don't put hot compresses, it might cause infection go deeper in your skin. Don't try any home remedies to self medicate like baking soda or aspirin masks, it just waste of time. Please go get professional help. I wish you all the best. I know how heartbreaking it is, but it will go away eventually. It does not look like nodule in picture, it looks like furuncle. Best of luck!!

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I agree with pudelis - definitely try to get into your GP. If they can't help you, then they may be able to fast track you into a derm's office. No one seems to understand the urgency of these things some times, but at least know that some of us on this site certainly have been there.

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