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Moisturizer & Jajoba Oil Makes My Pillowcase Yellow?

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I can't begin to explain how well the regimen has worked for me so far and i am only in week 2. The only small complaints I would have is that I use the moisturizer and jojoba oil morning and night and in the day it's seems like the oil never really absorbs into my skin so if I touch it I get oil all over my hand and then when I sleep and wake up the next morning my pillowcase is yellow everywhere.

I'm debating whether to change to another moisturizer and stop using the oil because it doesn't help having an oily skin when trying to put on makeup and waking up to a yellow pillowcase. Has anyone else had the same experience as me?

Otherwise I'm still dry and itchy but that is expected In week 2 so I'm hoping as I carry on with the regimen that will go away.

Would recommend this to anyone who has bad skin!!!!!!

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Hey Megan,

I'd try sticking with the moisturizer until at least week 4. The pillowcase staining is definitely annoying but it's a small price to pay to get your skin through the hardening phase, which can be brutal for some people. (it was for me!!) The DKR moisturizer especially coupled with the jojoba oil do a great job minimizing the redness and uncomfortable dryness as you ramp up the BP dosage. The licorice root extract which gives the moisturizer its yellow color is very soothing, a great plus (and not available back in 2008 when I was on the Regimen!) over other moisturizers. Once your skin is completely used to the BP, then maybe look into other moisturizing options. If the jojoba oil is too oily, then cut back on its usage, or try just using at night so you can put on your makeup. In the meantime, I'd suggest placing a towel over your pillow, or just use old pillowcases. The pillowcase staining is definitely a minus for sure. Glad to hear the Regimen is otherwise working well for you so far! :)

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