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Hey to everyone,

I haven't been on here in a while. I have been really busy with my school work.

I finally acheived clear skin during the summer 2014. I was put on Epiduo in February and Clindamycin gel in May. It took up until May for my skin to finally start clearing up and it kept getting better from there. It didn't stop breaking out until the middle of May I think. The clindamycin gel played a part in that because I can't use any other face washes besides cetaphil gentle skin wash because I have really sensitive skin. I don't take any antibiotics or anything else except a probiotic which I need daily for my ulcerative colitis. I do have little whiteheads that pop up that I am not happy about but this is because of one of my medications for ulcerative colitis that I am on. I am just happy that I can enjoy going out in public or taking pictures without having to hide my face or worry about what people think of me or if they think I am ugly. I just hope that this helps other people who are using Epiduo or who are just put on it. A good tip is to try to stay positive, I broke down many times because I thought it was never going to work but it does actually take a while to clear up your skin. I would ask your derm for a topical antibiotic along with your retinoid because they make a big difference in speeding up the process of clearing up the skin. Another good tip is try not to use any medicated face washes with the meds the derm gives you because they somehow hinder the process or they can irritate or skin even more and mess with your results. My derm also told me not to use moisturizer so that helped as well because moisturizer can be a reason some people break out. If you absolutely need it then use it, I wouldn't want anyone to have exstreamly dry skin. Other than that give it the full 12 weeks and ask your derm all the questions you have and try to stick to a good routine of washing your face every morning and night. Hope this helps and good luck to those out there that are still struggling.

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