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Meeting A Girl From The Internet (Pics Of My Acne)

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So me and this girl have been talking for perhaps 2 months now, and we have set a date (this upcoming saturday) to finally meet face to face. Im terrified. Obviously she has seen pictures of me and I've talked to her on skype with a shitty webcam which makes my skin look clear. I also told her that I have acne and she said that it doesn't bother her, but I dont think she understands how bad it actually is...

Btw I'm 17 and she's 16. We live about an hour away from each other but she decided to come here anyways so I really don't wanna make her come here and be disgusted by me. I am thinking of calling off the date with some bullshit excuse and hopefully be able to magically heal and then meet her later. But I don't wanna lose her interest...

Seriously: what should I do? Meet her or not?

PS. And ofc she's got flawless skin herself.




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Definitely go for it. You've been upfront with her and if she can't handle your acne which as a part of you, then she is not someone worthy of being a friend or potential girlfriend.

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You are far from being disgusting! I know how you feel cause I have been wanting to cancel so many dates because of my face but you are not the one who has to decide whether she will be disgusted or not. Remember we are our worst judges. Give yourself a chance! Acne does not define you.

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Confidence is key brother. If you are not confident that you are the stud she needs then call off the date. You have to love yourself before you can love another human being.

You can cry that you can have Acne, OR you can make Acne look good by wearing it with confidence and a smile.

I have a beautiful girlfriend, and I have acne but I know that doesn't make me any less great.

You're the stud, this girl deserves you! If you go in with this mindsight, she is gonna be digging on you dog!!

Confidence is the most attractive thing to a woman (not to be confused with being a dick), if you're confident she won't even realize you have acne.

Good Luck Brother! Hope to hear back good things :)

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Confidence is the most attractive thing to a woman (not to be confused with being a dick)

^ Well said! (Also, GO PACK! That was awesome yesterday.)

OP, Congrats on having a date with a cool chick from the internet! Please don't call it off! You already told her about your acne and she has seen images of it and obviously she likes you if she fell in like with your far away internet self. And she said it doesn't bother her. Sounds like a keeper.

I'm a lady, even though my gender somehow got switched <there. Been meaning to fix that... Anyways I have acne and I have a super fine boyfriend with clear skin. And before we got together I never had a hard time meeting guys. I was always shocked that these sexy dudes were interested in me, but it's helped me realize that there is so much more to our appearance than our acne.

Best of luck. You gotta let us know what happens :)

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thank you all for the replies! I guess I should go then... It will be nerve wrecking to say the least, but really what do I have to lose, right?

I will update you guys what happened right after it's done (:

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You were honest with her and she has to be so. While you should try to be confident when you've got acne, don't give up trying to treat it. You may wanna take a look at The Regimen on acne.org. And your acne is not that bad man. Mine was nearly like yours and the regimen got me completely clear. And btw the girl doesn't have flawless skin, she's only good at makeup :D

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I'm going to be honest, if she doesn't know exactly how bad it is, she could be put off. But I've seen people with terrible acne with the hottest girls. Ît really is all about confidence and being yourself. If she can't handle that, at last you try. prepare for the worst, pray for the best.

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