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Dear All,

It's my first post on this website. I feel like I need to share my story with people who know how it is to keep missing social events or missing work due to not being able to show your face to anyone. Acne has destroyed me.

I've been having issues with acne for 5 years now (I'm 25). I get pimples on my cheeks that are painful, red and sitting under my skin. Unfortunately I tend to pick on them constantly which is only making them worse. I picked two of them yesterday and I'm left with a horrible, red, bleeding scar on my left cheek. I promised myself that it was the last time I picked on pimples and I really need to try not to mess with them anymore.

I was prescribed tetralysal by my GP about 1.5 years ago. I was on it for over a year (way too long but my GP said it was fine). It made a huge difference to my face. After an initial breakout I stayed clear for about 9 months but my body got used to the medication and I broke out again.

I went to see a dermatologist a month ago (which cost me £200). She prescribed me a medication called trimethoprim (just trimethoprim not the sulfa stuff). I've been taking it for almost a month and I still break out! Has anyone had any luck with trimethoprim as it's not commonly used to treat acne? How long do I need to stay on it to see improvement?

Also my dermatologist suggested roaccutane if trimethoprim doesn't help. I'm so scared of initial breakouts I may get if I take roaccutane. I've been doing research about roaccutane and it does help many people but acne tends to come back sooner or later. Also, does anyone know how much roaccutane cost if you have a private prescription from a dermatologist?

I feel horrible today. I want this nightmare to be over. I feel like every single treatment I've been on is failing.

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Hi Maggie,

Really resonate with what you've said, been on tetralysal this past year alongside zineryt topical solution and it worked wonders for me too, until a few months after I came off both, the past 2 months my skin has been getting the worst its ever been and I'm so thinking of seeing a dermatologist privately with end hopes to get put on roaccutane.

I can't say I've ever been on trimethoprim though so can't help there, i'd stick with it for a while, a month at least, then head back to the derm for a roaccutane consultation if possible? I've read initial breakouts on roaccutane can be severe but then the long-term benefits seem to be amazing so it'll be worth sticking it out for those difficult first few days/weeks.

No idea about the private prescription for roaccutane (although on here seen someone say £60 (not incl the consulation it was prescribed in), I'm seeking the same sort of advice to be honest too! Which private dermatologist did you go to initially? I want to weigh up my options too, have looked at a few near me but they all seem to focus on laser treatment when really I want the prescription...

Anywho, just thought I'd pop in since we seem to share similar experiences and are seeking the same sort of advice!!

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Hi Maggie,

I used Zineryt topical solution bought from medcare2go and it worked fine for me. It depends on your situation. I can only advise you to treat this with medication AND natural products aswell, like Lemon, honey etc. There are many guides online for this, just google on it. Wish you the best.

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Just a quick update on trimethoprim...still not working. I'm breaking out even though I've been taking the medication for 2.5 months. I've got an appointment with my dermatologist in 2 weeks. Still not sure about roaccutane though. I've been watching some videos on youtube, and people get really bad initial breakouts and have to stay at home for at least a week. I work full time and there’s no way I could take time off from work. I’m starting to believe that I’ll have acne for the rest of my life! I miss waking up with clear skin and not wearing make up when I was on tetralysal.

I had my first private appointment with the dermatologist in The London Hair and Skin Clinic. It cost me £200, but the service their provide is excellent. Follow up consultation will cost me £160.

I’ve never tried Zineryt topical solution, may give it a try. Apparently there’s another gel, which seems to be working as it helped my friend. It’s called Dalacin topical solution.

I’ve tried so many natural products before…honey, lemon, tea tree oil, taking vitamins but nothing helps.

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My dermatologist prescribed me Trimethoprim 100mg 3 times daily with Sulfacet-r lotion, I took the medication for 2 months and it cured my Cystic Acne, reduced Oil Sebum around Nose area and my Milia on face disappeared. The negative impact was I was "Super Sun Sensitive" and I couldn't tanned indoors anymore. My Pharmacist who filled my prescription asked me why I was on this drug, it's the first time he had seen female taking this. He told me he filled Trimethoprim - to treat Hair Loss in Males; reminded me to drink Plenty of water; take calcium or magnesium supplements 2 hrs after and not before as the supplements will absorbed the effect

of drug. After my skin cleared completely, I stopped taking Trimet but continued to use Sulfacet-r lotion.

Now I wish I can go back on this drug, ever since becoming Celiac 1 year ago, I have developed more Cystic Acne on my chin and I have acne cysts on my scalp. At first, I thought it was my Shampoo but I have "Folliculitis", my hair follicules gets infected after I dust my house or gone out in a Windy day. It's so painful I can't even touch my scalp. I am 39 and I get extremely stressed out with my scalp acne. I finished my Candida Detox it helped with Oral Thrushes in mouth, I need to continue taking Probiotics. I have been on Diane 35 (BCP) it helped for 4 yrs, gone through Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion except Accutane.

My Naturopath told me it was my Weak Immune System...I've spend +$1500 on facials, skin care products, I want pull all my hair out and start fresh "Like a Baby born with new cells". :crazy2::nag:

I use Konjac Sponge to cleanse my face it's been helping. Please share if anything works!!

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