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Saw Palmetto Is A Miracle

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I went from cyst's to maybe 1-2 tiny zits a week.

Started taking saw palmetto 5 weeks ago, oily skin was gone withing a DAY. It literally killed my oil, next day I woke up after taking it the first time and my skin got smooth as hell. no oily\greasy feeling.

I take 320mg with 85-95% active fatty acids.

The most important thing in saw palmetto is the % of fatty acids in it. So 320mg 45% fatty acids=160mg 90% fatty acids. If no fatty acid % is written on the label, its useless. Like 3000mg saw palmetto powder(with no fatty acid percentage known) could be less potent than 50mg 90% fatty acids.

What is the right dosage? this is up to you to find out. The "standardized" dosage in most pills is 160-320mg 85-95% fatty acids. Best is to get pills with 85-95% fatty acids in it.

Saw palmetto lowers DHT.

Watch out don't go high dosage too much as it could cause side effects(from higher estrogen).

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I've actually had improvement since starting saw palmetto as well. My cystic acne is definitely related to hormones because they cysts have always come at the same time of the month right after I ovulate. I read where some people had taken saw palmetto as an alternative to spiro. My derm gave me a prescription for spiro but I didn't like some of the things I read regarding the drug, so I gave saw palmetto a try. It has significantly reduced the number of cysts I get. Now instead of one or two every month I might get one every few months and even then they frequently don't become raised much and just flatten out after a couple of days. In fact, the only few cysts I've gotten since being on saw palmetto came up after I had missed a few doses. I use standardized saw palmetto and I take 160mg in the morning and then again at night.

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