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Horrible Red Marks And Rolling Acne Scars.

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I have the worst scarring ever i feel like you have no damn idea how much this has effected me, i once didn't leave my house for like 2 years, i can't look at people i'm hopeless i hate working, i hate life, everything blows for me. I can't be normal at all like everyone else. Lately the past 5 months or so I've been really trying to crack down on healing myself, but it just doesn't seem possible now. It seems the same or getting worse, i've pretty much cured all of my acne, i just have scars everywhere...mostly red marks all over my back (not acne). And some on my chest. I also have rolling acne scars I've been recently trying to use a 1.0 MM Dermaroller to see if that helps, but i just feel like there is no change. Is there any advice or anything you guys have done to clear up red marks and harsh looking skin? Mine just..looks like the worst skin ever. I'll show pics, which i'm so insecure it's hard for me to even post pictures on here to anonymous people. I'm an extremely beautiful guy if i wasn't hiding under all this scarring. What really makes me want to commit suicide is how long and hard I've tried fighting this and i'm suppose to see my gf in like a month, but my dermatology appointment isn't until 3 months...in february. I feel doomed and need any advice on like vitamin C serum? Or anything that helps fade or diminish these things :( maybe makeup to hide it for now? Idk :(




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Red marks fade with time. Acne scars can be corrected by dermabrasion. They aren't even that bad dude! Keep your head up high, others have it worse than you do.

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Subcision + Suction on Cheeks, as for the neck I really have no experience to tell you the truth, I hope others on here can help you out!

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Thanks for the comments

never seen severe acne on neck before

hows your diet ?

I feel mines pretty bad and i have like white spots on the back of my neck too, don't know what those are. Not sure how to get ride of it :( and the front of my neck i just had red marks like deep red marks inside the skin and it looks rough and scaley..my diet isn't that great i just eat what i want and sometimes eat a few bananas a day maybe an apple every few days usually eat crappy like microwave stuff or fast food. I don't eat a lot though, i'm skinny.

Subcision + Suction on Cheeks, as for the neck I really have no experience to tell you the truth, I hope others on here can help you out!

yeh my cheeks are really bad :( so deformed...you think that'll work?

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Hey Dmanster,

How are things coming along? I understand your fear and the amount of stress you are going through. If your significant other truly loves you, your flaws would matter to her.

Having said that, to combat these demons, you have to be realistic. The pitted scars, even with the best treatment might not revert your previous skin back to 100% smoothness.

However, there are definitely treatments to improve them significantly. Bearing in mind that you need to allow adequate time for the result to show.

1) Keep up with the derma-rolling which will produce collagen to make the pitted areas more shallower. Many have recommended the application of Vitamin C serum immediately after derma-rolling for maximum absorption.

2) No doubt, ablative lasers would give a far better satisfaction since the laser destroys the scar tissues much more effectively, thus making one’s appearance smoother. This, however, have some setbacks such as downtime (the more aggressive the treatment, the better the outcome; you are looking into minimum 7 days of redness and scabbing, depending on the setting and one’s healing capabilities) & cost. Subcision on your cheeks in combination with laser would produce beautiful results.

3) As for the hyper-pigmentation marks, products containing Vitamin C, arbutin, retinol, AHA or BHA have shown to reduce the pigment severity. Be mindful that using of sunblock is imperative.

4) As for a quick tip, makeup would surely help with your confidence and anxiety issue. Go to your local drugstore and pick up a tinted moisturizer, which is the easier purchase rather than having to pick a whole selection of foundation from Mac or Sephora. Would it cover the redness completely? I don’t think so. But it would surely make a difference.

I’m happy you’re seeing a dermatologist as well. A professional would help to sort out your needs. Give it time buddy and soon things will settle for the better.



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Aww dude, I and many others here can surely relate. It can certainly be tough dealing with these scars. They cause such a mind game and wreck one's confidence.
I'm not sure what to do with the neck, I have no experience there. And its hard to tell on the photo, but is there actual scars on the neck, or is it just redness?
The scars on your cheeks really don't look tooo bad, I think just the redness exacerbates it. Epsom salt mixed with water actually helps control the small breakouts i might get every now and then from dermarolling (I probably mix maybe 1 tablespoon of epsom salts in a cup of water? I'm not sure, I sorta eyeball it. Then after it dries up, I brush of the white powder that may be left from it and then moisturize) From my experience , my dermatologist didn't help much, she prescribed me medicine and antibiotics that ended up doing more harm than good to my overall health. She wanted to put me on accutane and birth control, but I personally didn't wanna go that route and do a quick fix, so I went another route and healed myself from the inside out with a diet and lifestyle change. It took about a year for my acne to totally clear up, though the breakouts were healing much faster and i was breaking out less and less in the first few months. Even then the doctor still wanted to put me on accutane and birth control, so I stopped seeing her. Not saying your dermatologist will be like that, but trust your gut.

I think you should start off with subcision (and suction) for your cheeks, and also a laser like vbeam to help with the redness on your neck.
Then I would alternate dermarolling/dermastamping/single needling ( i use between 1.5mm to 2.0mm stamps/rollers) with a topical while and after rolling and alternate it with a chemical peel every 2 weeks. Start slow though, you don't wanna do more damage than good and be sure to keep your face moisturized during healing. And also I really recommend eating good food while healing your scars. This protocol is helping with me, though progress certainly isn't overnight. I don't really know what to advise for your neck other than a laser like vbeam for redness though, sorry >.<

Don't give up! Your not alone! And your scars can most definitely improve! ^.^ Best of luck!!!

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Go on accutane ! it's a last resort but it works! it will get rid of the discoloration as well as the acne. 6 months after that, do subcission with suction followed by a fully ablative laser. 80 % improvement ! 

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