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And The Nightmare Returns..?

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I've been on the regimen for 11 months, it'll be a year on Christmas. This time last year my skin was hideously caked in cysts and I was at the end of my rope. I pretty much desperately promised I would make a change and a few months into it I did get clear. I lived 2014 overall free of acne! My skin was baby smooth and clear and man, that was fun. Well, the last few weeks my chin is starting to break out all over again. I've literally changed nothing about how I do my regimen. I've never stopped doing it or changed it. Every time I look in the mirror I have another spot forming on my chin.

Some might say it's holiday stress or something but I've had plenty of stress throughout the last year and my skin was clear.

There is a chance that it's related to the cold weather. I just don't really know.

Any ideas? Support? I cannot bear to say goodbye to the clear skin :( I really would love to get this under control before it gets crazy again.

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At this point if your current BP dosage is not enough to keep you clear, it's totally OK to use more, especially in any problem areas, like your chin. Dan says when in doubt, use more, and it's completely normally to be using 3 pumps of treatment. See if that helps.

Also, maybe take a look at your diet, see if there are changes you can make there. Many on here report seeing improvement after cutting back on dairy products or finding substitutes. Something to look into. Many threads on this subject on here.

Several people have reported an increase in breakouts from cold weather. There are some recent threads right in the Regimen forum posted by people who are dealing with weather-related breakouts.

Don't despair. I know it sucks to see a setback after enjoying clear skin and following your regimen religiously with good results. But with a little tweaking and a lot of patience hopefully you can get things back on track. Temporary setbacks are normal, even after months of success.

I also invite you to take this questionnaire that may provide some valuable insight about how you do the Regimen:


Hope this was helpful. :)

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