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How To Pick Up First Prescription Of Accutane?

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Just finished blood testing, and taking the quiz on iPledge website. My derm said I could pick up my prescription after completing that. Do I just go to the pharmacy and say I have a prescription to pick up? Will they have that info in their files? Did my derm already send in the prescription? Do I need to say I'm beginning accutane? Can I go to any pharmacy or will it be sent to the one in my derm's files for me???

I know I am making a huge deal out of this, but please help.

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What happened with me is I had to go back to my derm to pick up a prescription paper. Then I took the paper to the pharmacy (along with my i pledge card), THEN I went to the pharm with the paper and they told me to come back in an hour. An hour later I got me some taaane

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Im a girl so I had to go for 2 blood tests 4 weeks apart

after my 2nd test my derm called in the rx to my pharmacy (did the dr give u a paper script? if not they probably called it in if u gave them the name if the pharmacy that u use)

After i did the ipledge thing I hit my pharamcy

I just told them my name..didnt need to specifiy the name of the med

BUT it is a very $$$$ med from what my pharmacy told me ($1500)

My derm gave me a savings card the the mnth rx only cost $10

U might want to call your derm and ask about this or go on line to see if you could get one

w/ out it because of my insurance it would have run $65..so a nice savings!!

also my pharmacist said most pharmacies to not carry this med in stock at all times..so they had to order it for me for next day pick up

so might want to call your pharmacy and ask


hope that was clear..any other question, just ask


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