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Acne Going Bad Discussion And School Life

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Hello everyone, im 13 years old and i have light acne and ive tried everything to get rid if it lots of products,masks and etc...it started when i was 11 it was only pimples but it started getting much worst.Everyday i get sadder because whenever i go to school i feel ugly,whenever i talk to someone i dont have eye contact with them because i know they are gonna stare at my pimples.Everyday after school when im in the car i feel really sad and my eyes start tearing up.I tried getting advice from my mum and telling her than im going to start putting foundation but she tells me its going to make it much worst, i suggested going to a dermatologist and i keep telling her i have lots of pimples but she tells me i dont just to make me feel better.My acne is making me look so ugly and also makes people hate me.Today i didnt go to school and faked being sick because my pimples got much worst!, Everyday i dont feel confident of myself at all,and i keep asking myself why im the only person who has pimples,whenever people talk or stare at me i get nervous because i know they are just gonna stare at my acne,but i hope in the future it gets better,acne is ruining half of my life! I dont know what to do to get rid of it please if you have advice to get rid of it tell me.♡:)

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so I'm sure the derm isn't just making you feel better, she's probably being honest which means your acne is mild...that is a good thing

but you are 13 and that is a tough age, even for mild acne around cruel pre-teens and teens, I get it as most do on this site

so get a routine, look at the one here on line, watch the videos Dan has with the acne.org routine and get your products ordered, give it a couple months to work, and most likely you'll be on the path to clearer skin

have faith, chin up and get moving on getting the products ordered

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I was just like you. Started getting acne at age 11. I was the only kid in my class with pimples. Got teased a lot and kids would stare. Kids would ask me what's wrong with my face. Once the dentist asked me what's wrong with my face. I nearly died I was so embarrassed and ashamed. I mean, don't they know?! I also remember well rummaging through my mom's creams and other stuff in the medicine cabinet for anything that might work, and getting in trouble for it, and know that frustration of not finding the stuff you need. Yep, not a fun time in my life for sure. But the above poster offers good advice. Check out the Acne.Org Regimen on this website. Get your mum to order you the kit which contains everything you need to get clear: cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer. If she won't order you the kit, here's a guide for buying your own acne products at the drugstore. http://www.acne.org/supplies-guide.inc.html

FYI, my son is your age and also doing the Regimen. He's been doing it for about 6 weeks and his skin has cleared significantly. Here's our progress log if you'd like to check it out.

There's tons of help and support on this website. Feel free to ask questions. You're not alone. You're among friends here! :)

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I honestly recommend to STAY AWAY from the makeup. I think my biggest mistake in life was using makeup to cover up my redness and light mild acne. My skin only went downhill from there. I used to only have light breakouts on my forehead only but I noticed after I started using makeup I broke out in areas where I never broke out before like my cheeks and my jawline. My skin is somewhat under control now but now I have enlarged pores and pitted scars and hyperpigmentation. Whereas before I had smooth baby skin (excluding my forehead lol). My biggest regret is using makeup at such an early age for something so silly like redness. Now I pretty much rely on makeup because I need it. There's no way I would ever let my bare skin be seen in public.

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There's a lot of people on this site that believe homiopathic treatements are the best way to go, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. With that being said, you're over-reacting. People don't hate you. I've had people bring it up, and honestly, they're just rude it's more a reflection on them than it is on you. My advice is if you want to wear makeup and if it will make you happy, do it. There's some foundation that will actually help treat your acne while it's on. Naturally, you need to wash your face every night if you wear anything on it. I suggest you get a salicylic face wash and a benzoyl peroxide wash. Proactive I believe incorporates both of those. If that doesn't work, go back to the doctor and see what they suggest. And acne at age 13 isn't half your life, you'll be fine I promise.

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