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Weird Bump On Cheek Lasting Forever. Will It Go?

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A mark on my cheek will not go away and need advice! It has been 5 months and it is completely disappointing.

I normally get large pimples that leave flat red marks that go away. I had a large Pimple on my cheek that popped on its own because it was coming to a head. After that, I have a strange Red mark that is raised with a little hole in the middle. It looks as though the pimple just popped last night, but this was 5 months ago! I can't believe it has been this long. It just will not go away.

It is very red still, and raised all around. . Without makeup it just looks like a raised red bump. with makeup it almost looks like a dry bump. The dermatologist just told me to put Benzo on it and to keep applying. she didn't want to shoot it with cortisone in case it caused a depression. Will this eventually flatten out? I am sure the redness will eventually go away? , but Covering it with concealer is hard since it is not smooth.

Thank you!

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I have been using natural manuka products for more than a month now and I like the feel of the manuka honey cream. I can observe improvements with my face and my larger pimples seemed to make finer. I can say that manuka honey is really a good antibacterial solution to skin infections associated with acne.

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Hey, I had something similar after a really deep cyst on my cheek, the lump left over wasn't painful but I could feel it and it was red and slightly raised. I found using a retinoid cream (differin) and incorporating some gentle aha's into my routine helped to exfoliate my skin and gradually the redness and lump have went away. Massaging the area also helped, every night for a couple of minutes with gentle pressure, as if trying to flatten it out when I applied differin at night. Read up on massage for cysts or scar tissue it can help your body to break down the scar tissue and reabsorb it. It did take me pretty much a year for it to completely go but it got better and better over time, good luck xx

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Since you said that it's "raised" that tells me this is a keloid scar from a cyst or nodular pimple. Unfortunately, keloid scars don't go away, you can try laser resurfacing but it's quite expensive and don't always promise good results. To avoid further keloid scars, limit popping and picking on your pimples, especially cystic pimples.

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