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To Pop Or Cyst Or Not To Pop A Cyst?

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My question is pretty self explanatory but let me explain my position:

I have had LOTS of cysts in the past (unlucky person I guess), I have popped a lot of them, I also have a lot of scarring (Coincidence?, I think NOT). I obviously know the correlation between popping and scarring HOWEVER, I once tried to not pop a cyst and it got so big that it still popped on its own, and it is the biggest scar mark I have to DATE (Still red after 2 months, god damn my luck).

I have one on my jawline (very edge of my jaw), that is insanely uncomfortable. I have noticed that when I do pop them, they shrink and (sometimes) leave a scar.

My thought is: If this cysts continues to get bigger, won't it continue to be damaging the surrounding skin cells and leave MORE SCARRING? Somebody convince me otherwise please.

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I find if left, they just get bigger and more painful, all that gunk inside them just keeps building up. I have a rather uncomfortable one on my cheek, I left it and another grew underneath so this time I got the yuk out and it seems to be healing even though it's still hard in the middle it's a lot smaller than it was, and there's a small scab in the middle but it's not half as painful as it was when it was full. So... I could yes, help them along but do it right. :)

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I'd say yes, from previous experience.. Aka the thumbnail sized raised scar on my forehead from letting it not be popped. The way I see it, Just as long as you pop it with a tissue and not with full force.. Follow up with applying some like witch hazel with some benzoyl peroxide gel. Well, Not exactly that lol but that's what I use with it. Something anti inflammatory and something to help dry it up basically.

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I found not actually squeezing but instead putting pressure on the hardness around the centre to get the yuk out, but not actually squeezing it together, this way it doesn't scare badly.

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I wouldn't risk it. I would put Aztec Indian Healing Clay on it. I would mix it with watered down apple cider vinegar and do that every couple days. That stuff is amazing. You can buy it at health food stores. All the pitted scaring I have is from cysts and I am much more bothered by the scarring which is permanent than the cysts.

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I did last night and it is almost completely gone.. It was only getting bigger and bigger, I saw the head and (gently) guided it out to the trash can where it belongs!


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