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Should I Really Wait A Month Before Starting Aha+ ?

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Alright I just started using benzol peroxide 3 days ago. I only have maybe like 7-9 active zits, but my cheeks are covered in hyper pigmentation, old redmarks, etc. Is the only problem with starting Aha+ early stinging? Should I start it early or wait the full month?

Thanks in advance.

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They recommend you wait until you reach the 4-week mark before building in AHA+, to be sure your skin has fully adjust to the BP first, but if your cheek area is clear and you're not also treating with BP, then it may be OK to treat this area with AHA+ earlier. They used to recommend people wait until they're clear before introducing AHA+ for red marks, but it's fine as long as your skin is fully used to BP, which typically happens around the 4-week mark, give or take.

Here's some more info:


Good luck with your Regimen journey! :)

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I have been using the regimen for over a month now, it seems I am getting worse. I keep breaking out every day. I am getting devastated already, I just bought the AHA+ , cleanser and the benzoyl peroxide again withouth the moisturiser. Do you think I can use the AHA+ in place of the moisturiser as a daily use?

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Nekky: They really don't recommend using the AHA+ more than 2-3 times per week in place of the regular moisturizer. I'd strongly recommend also keeping the DKR moisturizer as part of your regimen. If your current dosage of BP isn't helping, try upping the dosage. At this point you should be at the full 2 pumps, but it's not uncommon at all to use 3 pumps of BP. Try not to get discouraged and to give the process some time to work. It can take longer to work for some people. Don't give up! :)

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