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Hey guys,

I have been suffering from light acne for about two years not, and have gone on almost every pill/cleanser/face wash combination on the market from light to high concentration. My dermatologist, with nothing else to prescribe me, suggested Accutane. I have a couple questions. First, what was your experience like on it? I have heard the horror stories about people who have awful experiences from it, but also positive experiences. Finally, I know you aren't supposed to drink on it, but can you - if so what are the consequences?

Thanks in advance,


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Well read this forum and others and you can decide whether the side effects are worth it. Many of the more serious side effects are rare but possible. You have an early jump because you seem to be researching and not going in blindly.

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I just finished my course 2 weeks ago, and I can honestly say I'm so glad I did it. Now fingers crossed that the acne does not return. I am 5' 6" , female, and weigh 138 lbs. I am 27 now but I had been dealing with persistent moderate acne since I was 18 years old. I have extremely oily skin as well, so after years of acne, and the scars piling on I decided to go on accutane. I took 40mg in May, 60 mg in June, 80 mg in July/Aug, 100 mg in Sept., and 120 mgs in Oct. I did not have the initial breakout thank goodness but everyone's skin reacts differently from the medicine. Of course your lips get chapped, and my skin started to really dry out in September. Now the drinking has always been a concern on the meds, but every month you do have blood test to make sure your liver is doing ok. I will be completely honest with you I drank while I was on the meds, and every month my liver was great. I did have moments when I wanted to quit the drug, but only because the fatigued really started to set in the last couple months and I had nausea as well. It helps if you have a great support system that is what got me through this process. My skin looks amazing and I am constantly getting compliments on how great it looks. And hey at the end of the day if the medicine does not sit well with your body you can always get off of it. Oh yea be sure to drink tons of water that helps with the dehydration :) Let me know if you have any more questions

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Im a 130 pound female and just started low dose accutane 4 days ago

It was such a hard decision

Im 41 now and only started breaking out around 38

I also tried EVERYTHING ..and was just getting so fed up..it was affecting my life/self esteem..i felt awful!

Im still nervous If I am making the right decision

One of the only reasons I started was because my derm pushing low dose..saying adults acne is very hard to treat and if I was her she would go on a low dose course and be done with it

My skin s super tough oily and thick..so I was hoping dryness wouldnt hit to hard

I ws concerned though at my appt right before I started she wanted to start me on 40mg going up over 80mg!

from what Ive read this is not low dose

I really would like to keep the side effects minimal and told her I dont mind staying on it longer than 6 mnths, but dr said insurance will usually only pay for 6 mnths

she wanted me to starts at 40 but we agreed to 20 mg the first 2 weeks than bumping

not sure what I will do..see how it goes!

good luck withy our decision!

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My son is 150lbs and the "normal" dose for him, according to the dermatologist, is 70mg. He takes 40mg in the morning and 30mg at night. He took 60mg the first month to get started. 80mg seems very high for a 130lb person.

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