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Recs Makeup While On Accutane/foundation That Wont Look Like Crap

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Started accutane just 3 days ago but already starting to get dry which is odd since ive alwasy been so oily

I was using cargo hd powder

but now feel a better option would be a TM/BB/CC cream

any recs for very acne prone clog prone skin

something i can get at ulat, sephora, major dept store etc

thanks kim

nw20 (mac coloring)

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Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation is waterbased and very lightweight.

Bare Minerals has a newer liquid foundation serum called Bare Skin, also very lightweight.

Laura Mercier and Josie Maran both make some nice and hydrating tinted moisturizers.

Sephora will match you up to a proper shade and can even supply you with a couple samples if you'd like to try them out before purchasing :)

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Thanks much

I feel so awkard asking for help at these stores

I dont want anyone looking at my face..I know silly

heard good things about naked skin befoe..might have t look into it

do u think powder or liquid is better or worse or jsut a matte rof preference and ing?


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No worries! I definitely do recommend the UD Naked Skin. It's so light but it's buildable aswell.

Powders are often better for acne prone skin as they don't tend to be as clog prone, however if you're dry (which especially on Accutane you will be) powders can really accentuate the dryness and tend to make the skin flake even more.

I'd recommend the UD Naked and apply with a brush. (Because it's so liquidy, using a sponge would cause more product to get soaked into the sponge than actually on your face. You'd end up wasting a lot.)

Or try a different lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer and apply it in a dabbing motion with a damp sponge or Beauty Blender.

Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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Thanks so much

I agree...powder plus accutane plus cold weather is probably not a good combo

Im going to try to stick with powder justa little longer

dont know how long accutane needs to kick in so hopefully I can tolerate a liquid foundation or tm better thna I have in the past

thanks again for the help!


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Ahhh yes, and the cold weather! Not helpful either. Stick out the powder as long as you can, espcecially if you've had problems with liquids in the past. If you can manage to find a good moisturizer that hydrates your skin enough you may be able to get away with staying on the powder. I tend to get quite dry in the winter months and I find that turning a humidifier on at night helps too!

And no worries at all :) Let me know how everything goes and feel free to send me a message if you need anymore help!

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Thanks again

My biggest anxiety now is finding a moisturizer that will hydrate my accutane dry skin and not cause breakouts

I have never been able ot use a moisturizer in the past and time was ticking and still didnt find one that didnt cause breakouts

but at this point

..day #4 I have to pic with and stick with something and hope as I continue to take accutane my skin can tolerate some hydration

Im not too dry yet but its coming

I didnt need to use 6 million blot sheets today :)

cant wait to have normal skin!



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