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30F Starting Dose 60Mg & Freaking Out

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Hello all

First of all, thank you all for being here. I've been a quiet observer for the past several months and it's helped me a lot to read your logs. It's good to feel I'm not alone.

I never thought I'd actually write here, but I started Roaccutane yesterday and I'm freaking out!

I feel really weird about having cold feet now because I've spent the past 6 months trying to get the prescription. But:

1. I don't trust my doctor at all, she never even really looked at my face (seriously, I was explicitly told that removing make up for the visit was unnecessary), but I can't change the doctor because I'm on the NHS and it would set me back a few months. Because of that, I feel like going on Roaccutane was entirely my own decision (the doctor basically asked me what treatment I'd like). It's a horrible responsibility.

2. I have mild to moderate acne, so that my skin is generally good except for really deep and very painful cysts, a few (up to 6 or 7?) at a time. My acne is also cyclical, so there are days when I might only have one or two actives on my face. So sometimes I spend days avoiding even my partner (although we live together) and just lying in bed crying feeling absolutely disgusted with my face, but other days I'm ok and then I wonder whether I should even be concerned at all. You know, along the lines of "pull yourself together, people have *real* problems".

3. I only started having skin problems a couple of years ago and it got really bad a year ago, so I'm not used to this at all. I've been on Erythromycin and BP+adapalene, all possible salon cosmetics you can think of, as well as trying out holistic methods (juicing, coconut oil, Paleo, vegan, you name it) and nothing worked, but I still have that against-all-odds hope sometimes that somehow my skin will suddenly go back to normal.

4. The starting dose I got is high: 60mg/day. I'm tall and in the upper range of normal BMI, but it's still 0.75/kg. I've read many logs but I've not seen anyone who got started on such a high dose, even with acne way more severe than mine.

So now here I am, freaking out like hell, just constantly monitoring my joints, skin, lips, eyes, hair, etc. and reading all research papers I can find (yes, I know, it's been 24 hours... I do have a history of OCD though ;))

I know people who have successfully completed isotretinoin treatment, I know that I'm here because my acne was seriously interfering with my life (try giving lectures to a class of 50 when all you can think of is how horrible you look...), I know that I have tried other treatments and they didn't work, I know that I researched the topic for 5 months before asking for prescription. It's just that I'm so freaked out that all of that seems like it never happened and I'm just a stupid girl who's gonna get herself in serious trouble out of vanity.

(Ok, I'm not really a 'girl', at 30 ;))

Does that make sense? Have you ever felt like that?

I'd be extremely grateful for any support or thoughts about the dose issue, or really just knowing that someone will read this makes me feel a little bit better.

I'll try to post updates. (If I don't get blurred vision, right?)


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It looks like we have very similar stories, except that I have been dealing with acne for the past 15 years and trust me, we never get used to it. First of all, take a deep breath, now that you have started, just let things go! I sometimes say that the worst part of the process might have been taking the decision, at least in my case. I was picturing myself getting all the side effects very strongly all at once. I started 8 days ago at 30 mg/day (0.5 mg/kg) and I am not really experiencing any side effect for the moment. My nose skin is a little drier, and my scalp itches but it's winter here (Canada) and for me it's nothing new. I will be upped to 60 mg in a couple weeks (1 mg/kg) and I am also freaking a bit. But we will see! Everyone's experience is different. I cannot even say if I'm in the IB since I don't see anything worse on my face, just the same old type of pimples. My acne is cyclic too. I don't always have active pimples and then 3-4 just pop out of nowhere and get very inflamed.

The decision of taking this drug is entirely yours and not the doctor's. I understand that you feel like she doesn't know what she is doing, but the most important is that you know. In my case, I was prescribed it by a GP in a clinic who did not know me and who did not seem to know Accutane so well. I have failed 4 times in the past 6 months getting a prescription for a derm so I just got fed up and decided to go on it anyway. Of course I would have preferred taking it and being monitored by a real specialist but that does not seem possible here in Canada (Quebec City). Anyway, the waiting lists for an appointment with a derm can be longer than 6 months. My experience on the drug is not significant since I just started but I just wanted to tell you that you are not the only one and that I understand you perfectly!! I am also 30 years old and can be obsessive sometimes but for the moment, being on accutane, I see myself very relaxed and positive. My fear is also to "destroy" my body out of vanity, but never forget why you took your decision. You did because you were unhappy and because you wanted to live life at its fullest and not let acne rule your life. Keep that in mind. And also, one thing that helps me, is that I promised myself to freak out only if something that I have never experienced in my life happens.

Ok, just relax and remember you are not alone. I wish you the best of luck with your course!!

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I completed isotretinoin treatment two years ago and it was a life saver! Took it for 9 months on a low dose (10mg a day) because I'm short and lightweight. My face was clear until last spring when cystic acne decided to show up again. My derm put me on isotretinoin again two weeks ago, same dosage. Now I'm more aware of what isotretinoin really is so I'm reading as many articles and logs as I can (that's how I end up seeing your post). It's normal to feel a little anxious because it's a new step in your routine.

In my opinion there's no reason to stress about the side effects, most of it are really rare. I only experienced dry skin, lips and eyes but nothing too serious (remember my dose was really low). You should make a blood test after some weeks to check if everything is normal.

You will feel so much better when you start seeing results! Good luck!

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My story

Im 41 and only started breaking out 3-4 yrs ago

I would get 3-5 large breakouts a mnth

Tried ot get it under control for a year finally went to derm

Was prescribed antibiotics and told to continue retin-a cream (which i have been using ofr 10yrs for anti-aging benefits) and add bp wash

It didnt help and after that I tried about 6 other rx topicals (acanya, aczone, finacea, etc)

I switched Dr and was told pretty much I should be happy with my skin

My skin now was very cery congested with lots of bumps (bas texture) and small breakouts (not large anymore) anywhere from 3-5 days

I was told by my gyno I was nuts to consider bcp JUST to clear my skin and was denied spiro by 2 different Dr saying my skin wasnt bad enough

I saw one last derm (#4)

She looked at me for 1/2 second I had 3 medium sized blemishes at the time with lots of congestion

She suggested accutane

I almost fell off my chair

I asked her about spiro but she said she wouldn't be on a med indefinitely that messed with hormones

Take accutane (LOW dose) and in 6 mnths this would all be behind me

It was soooo tempting but i left a nervous wreck worrying if i should take the risk..was it worth it?

I decided to give it a try LOW DOSE

well at my follow u appt to starts she wanted to stat me off at 40mg and by end of treatment over 60mg

To me that wasnt low dose

I weigh around 128

So she than said i could take 20mg and bump up to 40mg at 3-4 weeks

Im still not comfy with that and would rather stay on it longer and keep a low dose

she said most insurances will no pay for more than 5 mnths?

So I started 3 days ago

Before that I was using bp am all over and retin-a at night

My skin as of today is starting to get dry

and I had 3 small breakouts

which is freaking me out because I dont know if an IB is about to start or this is from stopping my actives

Im scared, but in the same boat!


feel free to pm or chat anytime


I completed isotretinoin treatment two years ago and it was a life saver! Took it for 9 months on a low dose (10mg a day) because I'm short and lightweight. My face was clear until last spring when cystic acne decided to show up again. My derm put me on isotretinoin again two weeks ago, same dosage. Now I'm more aware of what isotretinoin really is so I'm reading as many articles and logs as I can (that's how I end up seeing your post). It's normal to feel a little anxious because it's a new step in your routine.

In my opinion there's no reason to stress about the side effects, most of it are really rare. I only experienced dry skin, lips and eyes but nothing too serious (remember my dose was really low). You should make a blood test after some weeks to check if everything is normal.

You will feel so much better when you start seeing results! Good luck!

Im curious

did your Dr think u relapsed because of the low dose

is he going to do same low dose again and for how long?



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I just started accutane a few weeks ago with 30mg twice a day, so the same dosage as you. I have had moderate cystic acne like you since I was about 13. However, I am a short girl: 5'3, 130 pounds, just turned twenty. That puts me at about 1mg/kg as opposed to your .75mg/kg. I wouldn't freak out about the dosage; I like and trust my doctor, and she was even considering a higher dosage. She also put me on a three week course of prednisone to help with the initial breakout. I have to get blood work done every month, probably because of the high dosage.

Three weeks in, and it hasn't been so bad. Stock up on lip balm now; I suggest Burt's Bees and a medicated lip balm, which I alternate putting on about every hour. I was slow in doing so and let my lips get quite painful before the balm caught up. They're healing and hurt much less now. I have had a little lower back pain, but otherwise I exercise every day and have noticed no ill effects. My face is full of red marks rather than pimples now, but hey, all the easier to hide with makeup!

I completely understand reading all the research papers and information. I have a history of health issues, and am notorious for doing just that.

Best of luck!

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Thanks for all you replies, they did help a whole lot!

MaryC I guess you're right that it's our decision in the end. It's just so much easier to doubt my own decisions. But yes, I admit I should probably let go of the notion that this knowledgeable, authoritative super-doctor will come along and fix all my problems. Long term conditions like acne are not a broken leg.
And about vanity, I feel bad because what I've always hated most about all the rumours about Accutane, is people always implying that it's those "vain" people who would "die for clear skin" (cf. the BBC documentary). So condescending. And I would think, why can't they understand that acne destroys confidence in a way that goes way beyond feeling unpretty? How do you explain to someone that it's not about wanting to look 'perfect', it's about having the courage to face any other human being, even the cashier at the supermarket... And now it looks like some of those opinions have rubbed off on me. I need to remember why I'm here.
katarzina I know that the side effects are rare. It's just that they're there and I can never forget about them. Maybe I have panicky tendencies - plane crashes are extremely rare, and yet I hate flying so much! ;)
kimber607 Thanks for sharing your story. I suppose I'd rather have a doctor who doesn't care than one who tries to convince me that my skin is ok - that must have been awful for you! Fingers crossed, have you got a log too?
Ardeidae what you're saying about your dosage is really comforting, thank you! I try to stay positive about it and remember that it will mean a shorter course. I'm going to have blood tests done monthly, too. I'm hoping that the fact that I'm currently on a vegan diet might help with cholesterol levels.
Thanks also for the lip balm tip. I've started on Vaseline and I apply it religiously throughout the day, although so far my lips are fine, which is nice, especially given the horrible weather here in Northern England.
So, I'm on DAY 4 today and I've calmed down a bit, since nothing disastrous has happened. It'll take a little time to get used to this though.
Lips - fine
Skin - some small new outbreaks, unlikely to be related to isotretinoin. My skin is also slightly itchy, but it's generally very sensitive, so that might be unrelated.
Joints - some slight pain, especially in my problem ankle, which was injured 3 times and flares up every now and then, so not sure if related (although it had been dormant for a long time before isotretinoin.)
Eyes - slightly dryer than normal.
Regime (almost none, really):
Simple makeup removal wipes
Cetraben cream for the face
Vaseline for the lips
Got some generic eyedrops just in case but haven't used them yet.
Supplements (any tips?):
Flax seed tablets
Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Vit. E 400IU, vit C, vit B6 (instead of my usual multivitamin, since that one had vit A); should probably add vit D.
Ok, and now off to have some fatty Friday-night veggie burgers (only to facilitate absorption of Roaccutane, of course ;)) Thanks again!
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Thanks for the update. Happy to see everything is okay for the moment. I'm on day 11 and nothing to declare really. I was expecting to get dry and cracking lips but they are okay!! My nose skin and my scalp are pretty dry tough. But hey, I'm so happy things are not worst! I feel like I have ''saved'' 11 days of suffering since those first 11 days were easy. But I'll be upped to 60 mg in 2 and a half weeks... We'll see. :)

I have not seen the documentary you're talking about and I don't think I want to... Is it about all the suicides related to Accutane?

You are so right when you say that we are not doing this to get a perfect skin but just to be able to face the world! People who never had acne can't understand. We are not vain, we are desperate. And we know that the ''only'' potential long-term cure for our acne is this drug.

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Body aches, dry lips, dry eyes, itchy scalp, but all of these are really minor, to the extent that if I wasn't on accutane, I probably wouldn't notice. So for the time being I'm allowing for the possibility that they're more related to my anxiety than to isotretinoin itself.

My face though, it's bad. Hot flushes, or rather, a semi-permanent hot flush, which feels kind of like fever, or like my face is really swollen (although it isn't). I wash it with cold water and that brings some relief, but then I have to moisturise and it's back to bad. Moisturiser stings and make up removal wipes sting. And also, kissing my man, who has a bit of a stubble, feels like dermabrasion That's going to be a problem... My skin is not very dry though, and no extra pimples. The ones that appear are rather small. Overall, I was expecting worse, so I'm not complaining too much.

I'm getting more and more mentally used to the idea, although still far from fully comfortable.

Mary, yes the documentary was about the stipulated link between accutane and suicide. And to be honest, although I'm definitely aware that isotretinoin is a strong drug which can cause many side effects, I don't think the suicide story is particularly convincing. Unfortunately, the film was made by a father of a guy who killed himself while on isotretinoin, so I'm afraid it may be too emotional to be informative. But I've not seen it, so I may be wrong (I don't think watching it would do me any good right now...)

Fingers crossed for more "saved" days for you! It's just a few months, right? And then the world will be ours! :)

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Hey! I didn't get the hot flushes but my face did used to sting when I used moisturizer! Or even washed my face with cerave. It doesn't anymore, and I don't know when it stopped but it has stopped for a while now. Just keep moisturizing, I think it'll stop soon : )

I had itchy scalp too. I didn't do anything about it, and it went away! My back does ache. I take a fish oil pill and it does help : ) Actually, I take 4 a day haha

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Thanks, skaims, that gives me hope. The hot flushes lasted only a couple of days, and now only stinging remained. Hopefully that will go, too.


Lips and skin are catching up big time - it started yesterday. I use vaseline pretty much every 30 minutes on my lips and that's manageable. My chin though, it looks like turtle skin, and no amount of moisturiser seems to really help. It looks particularly horrible when I put my make up on, but I still do that - I can't possibly go to work without make up. I know some people on here say that the dryness feels better than having oily skin, but the thing is I've never really had oily skin - it was always kind of dry and sensitive. Oh, the joys of adult acne...

Funnily enough, skin feels better with make up on, so I'm beginning to think I really have the wrong moisturiser (Cetraben), even though it was recommended to me at the pharmacy specifically for use with accutane.

There are also small red dots on my arms and hands, and some of them look like tiny fractures of the skin. I better start using hand cream and body lotion. Apart from that, some breakouts, nothing out of the ordinary. Fingers crossed that's only gonna change for the better.

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Hi....I just wanted to say that vaseline is no good! It really doesn't help so ditch that! Guessing you're in the UK? A lot of people say Carmex is good but I didn't like it. I ordered some aquaphor online as it wasn't available here (4 years ago so may be now) it was amazing. Put it on at night and lips were soft in the morning!

Best of luck!!

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Hi again! Order Cerave Moisturizing Cream (the one in the tub). That stuff literally cured my dry, flaky skin overnight! For extra dry spots, apply another thin layer so its like a moisture mask on the dry area. It should be gone the next day! I also use it in the day times now since my skin is more dry. I only time I get flaky skin now is when I pop a pimple (so bad. Keep those fingers away!). My makeup sits on my face smoothly!

As for lip moisturizer, I like carmex. I don't know why. I have aquifer too but aquaphor feels like it takes forever to sink in. Plus carmex is sticky so it lasts a bit longer. To prevent any peeling lip situation, just use your finger and rub your lips in the shower. It gets away the dead skin and it shouldn't peel. The skin on your lips shed fast so I do it every night : )

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Thanks for the advice! I've ordered aquaphor and Cerave, and we'll see how it goes. I really hope they do the trick - especially the moisturiser. The lips I can live with, they're not that bad, but the rest of my face is just killing me. There is some peeling (e.g. on my chin), but not much and it doesn't feel that dry, but my skin is just super super sensitive, itchy and stingy. When I applied moisturiser today after shower, it literally brought tears into my eyes... it felt like I'd washed my face with acid.

I'm feeling really blue today, so, so fed up with acne, and so annoyed that I have to put my body through this. I don't think it's the famous depressive side effects of isotretinoin though, I'd felt pretty desperate about my skin before ;) Aaanyway, I should probably stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it. I'll have some roasted aubergines to cheer me up :)

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Yum, I love roasted aubergines! The cerave may still make your face sting! When I first started using it, my face but I just fanned it dry with a notebook and the feeling went away. Your face may be itchy because its dry. The cerave doesn't really feel like its doing anything when you put it on but holy moly! Trust me! It'll be your BFF! :D

And don't feel blue! We're all in this together! I think once your skin isn't flaky anymore, you'll feel much better

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Thanks skaims! We are in this together and we'll get through it together :)

So I'm finishing my second week today, DAY 15.

In terms of symptoms, I've noticed something really weird: I seem to get them only temporarily. So, I had terrible hot flushes which disappeared after two days, then I had flaky chin, which disappeared after two days, then for two or three days I felt a complete lack of energy, then another day there was blood in my nose. And let's not forget that day when I was crying all the time... It's odd, because every day I wonder what problem I'll have the next day. But right now, to be honest, most of the time all of those are really mild. Even my lips are more sticky than dry, if that makes sense - Vaseline once an hour does the trick well.

I've also discovered the reason the moisturiser was so painful - I'd been washing my face with way too hot water... isotretinoin really makes your skin more sensitive to that. Once I started using lukewarm water, it got much better. Cerave and Aquaphor are taking a long time to get here - the Christmas shopping frenzy, probably. Breakouts are still the same type and frequency as before Roaccutane. I took some pictures and will post them sometime.

Side effect of the day: late period and no signs that it will come anytime soon. I did a pregnancy test and all is fine, and I've read that in some women isotretinoin really messes up their menstrual cycle. We'll see.

Hope everybody's doing well!

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I'm kind of joining the following of this thread since it seems like we have some of the same story. I'm on my 12th day today, taking 2*20 mg (btw: do you take all the tablets at the same time? )

I was kind of freeking out the first days too, feeling joint pain and a headache while I was swallowing my pills. Had to tell my self to stop worrying :) I've had acne since I was 12 I think, and then in my 20s it got better, but now I'm 30, and have occasionally bad break outs. Not so many pimples, but cystic acne in my cheeks. Impossible to hide.

It's kind of good to read that I'm not the only one feeling depressed one day and all I want is to cry, and then wake up the NeXT day without any worries. My skin has just now started to dry up, but sincemy skin has been in lack of moisture and reallys ensitive my Whole life, I was told to start moisturizing like a hero from day 1 by my doc. Nuxe reve de miel is my life saver on my lips!

Good Luck to you all! Can't even imagine my skin beeing clear before summer! :)

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I don't know if that's Accutane only but my menstrual cycle is fucked up. I have been on the pill for the last 3 years and I was always starting my period on the same day, as precise as a Swiss clock! I started what looks like my period 1 week earlier. I think that may be because accutane reduces the efficacity of the BCP. Ok don't give up everyone! I'm on day 22. :) nothing bad to declare.

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Coffeegirl30 oh yes, I can relate to having dry/sensitive skin AND acne at the same time. It has always been a pain with all salon cosmetics, because there really doesn't seem to exist a product which addresses both problems at the same time. I've either had to use anti-acne products which completely destroyed my skin, or sensitive-skin products which felt like they were clogging my face and causing more acne... But funnily enough, with regular moisturising, my skin isn't reacting to isotretinoin as badly as I'd worried it would.

From what I've seen on other logs, I get the impression that it's often the case with adult acne that the outbreaks aren't as frequent or as wide-spread as when you're younger (although I may be completely wrong about that, and there's probably a lot f individual variation, too.) My acne, for example, is located almost exclusively on my forehead (including eyebrows), and like with you, the really bad outbreaks don't happen all the time. But man, when they're bad, they're bad.

I take my three 20mg pills all together with dinner. I eat late (8-9pm) and I make sure to have them right in the middle of the meal, because I like to imagine that I can then just sleep through any potential digestive issues. And I've not been having any whatsoever, but I'll never know if it's because of how I take the pills or if I'm just immune to that particular side effect ;)

MaryC My bet is that accutane is the main reason. I have a coil (just copper, no hormones), and have had it for the past 8 years, so I can't even blame it on the interaction between accutane and BC. What worries me is that I typically have very distinct PMS symptoms and now I have none, so it's as if nothing's even happening in my body.

Has anybody read/heard anything about why/how exactly isotretinoin interferes with the cycle?

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Whoa, I didn't know accutane interferes with the cycle. I've been on accutane for 2 months and have had mine both months but it was late the second month, however, my cycle tends to fluctuate by being 1-3 days late.

Also, its great that you found the cause of the hot flushes! Hopefully you'lll have no more stinging when moisturizing : )

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I'm in my 6th month of accutane and I think it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. There are so many horror stories I was terrified to start, but now I'm almost done and I'm shocked how few symptoms I even had! I didn't even get dry lips or peel-y skin. A little joint pain but nothing unmanageable. I feel like the people who had bad experiences are really vocal scaring people who might want to try the meds.

I will say I have NOT had a cycle since August. I'm definitely not pregnant, but no sign of a cycle anywhere. I read that it's an uncommon side effect.

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Period was late 5 days, but then showed up and was the same as usual, so I suppose I'm kind of like you in this respect, skaims. No PMS though - if that's due to Roaccutane, then that must be my favourite side effect ever

I'm in my 6th month of accutane and I think it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. There are so many horror stories I was terrified to start, but now I'm almost done and I'm shocked how few symptoms I even had! I didn't even get dry lips or peel-y skin. A little joint pain but nothing unmanageable. I feel like the people who had bad experiences are really vocal scaring people who might want to try the meds.

I know what you mean, Rachel. People who have had bad experiences are usually the most vocal ones (understandably), which doest help those who have to make the decision. But at the same time, even if the bad experiences are less common than it might seem on the internet, they do happen. It's that kind of lottery that scares me. I've said it before, but to me it's really a lot like being afraid of flying (which I am): I know plane crashes happen _extremely_ rarely. But... they do happen, and you never know what your individual chances are of those things happening to you until after the fact. I guess that's how our brains work. Look at how many people play the lottery, even though everybody knows that the chances of winning are almost zero! It's like we always see ourselves as the centre of the universe and the target of everything that happens. It's good when that proves to be untrue though! I'm glad your course is going well!

Ok, so WEEK 3 finished!

Lips are getting more and more dry all the time. I've now got my Aquaphor, although I have to say it doesn't seem to be doing much more than Vaseline for me. I suppose it's an individual thing. My hands are covered in rash, which doesn't look good, but isn't uncomfortable in any way. My hair (including eyelashes and eyebrows) is falling out much more than usual, which is annoying because it's rather thin anyway. Apart from that, slightly dry face (not flaky though) and slightly dry eyes - eyedrops don't really help, but it's manageable. My mood is sometimes affected, and I often feel more tired, but I've just finished teaching for this term, so I'm fine with that. Oh, and there's also the increased need for KY...

Face is definitely changing. Acne is slightly worse in that it's spreading to my cheeks and chin, which hasn't been the case in a long time (since I was on antibiotics it has been limited to my forehead). However, at the same time it's better because the outbreaks are very few and usually disappear quickly (sometimes within a day!). Actually, today I have no actives (!). But as I said, my acne is very cyclical, so this has happened before and I can't be sure if it's isotretinoin or hormones. We'll see!

All in all, it's not bad. Isotretinoin and I are slowly becoming friends. I have an appointment with my dermatologist next week, but I don't expect any changes in the dose. I'm mostly interested if my blood tests are going to come out alright - that is probably the last fear I still have about Roaccutane.

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Soooooo, it's been almost 4 months now! I have to say that I've been really lucky and have had only minor side effects. Also, acne cleared up entirely after 3 months. No matter the hormones, no matter the weather, I'm enjoying clear skin - YAY!

In terms of side effects, it's mainly:

LIPS - bad. By the way, if you're in the UK and don't feel like importing Aquaphor all the time, a pharmacist recommended to me a lanolin-based cream for... nipples (for breastfeeding women) and I have to say it's as good as Aquaphor (although I tend to cover the label when I apply it in public ;)) Although, I have to say, when you're on Roaccutane in winter, no cream or lip balm can do better than 'satisfactory'. Similarly for hand rash, which comes in random bouts for no reason. I just wait for it to go away, because nothing helps.

EYES - my eyes are not dry, actually, which I'm happy about, but I feel like my eyesight has worsened quite a bit. I don't know if it's due to isotretinoin though (I'm kind of hoping it is, because that would mean it'll go back to normal.)

MUSCLES & JOINTS - random outbreaks of awful joint ache, but not very frequent and flax seed oil definitely helps (if only I always remembered to take it regularly...)

HAIR - keeps falling out all the time, BUT I have to say I love that it looks freshly washed for days. I don't know how I'm gonna get used to everyday hair washing again after this ends.

ENERGY - I need so much sleep, like you wouldn't believe. Whether I wake up at 7 or at 11am, I'm always tired.

Overall, not bad! I've also noticed a small weight drop, despite no changes to my diet (or even Christmas-related changes for the worse...). Not that I have anything against that, but I find it odd, as I think I've read quite a few reports of people gaining weight on isotretinoin. Or maybe it's an individual thing?

I'm clearly horrible with updates when I'm not freaking out, but I'll definitely post again in a bit, just in case someone, some day, finds it useful :)

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Great news!

U have been on 60mg the entire time..how long is your course?

Im 3.5 mnths and still getting small minor breakouts..waiting for the day I wake up and they STOP


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Yes, I've been on 60mg the entire time, which is probably good, because I'm 80kg, so on a lower dose I'd have to be on it for ages! My derm (I don't really trust her) wants me to finish after 5 months (which would mean a total of 110mg/kg - not quite enough), but I hope I'll manage to convince her to keep me on it for 6 (135mg/kg). Either way, I don't have much left :)

Good luck with your course!

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Hi All

Just a quick note to say that I finished the course in April 2015 and it worked like a charm. I have had no lasting side effects and my skin has been perfect since then :))) So all of you starting now - there is hope! These pills are not for the faint of heart but when they work, they can really change lives.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

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