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Senior Adult Acne And Accutane

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I am a 61 year old female, have been through menopause and have suffered from acne rosacea since I was 18. I have tried every single antibiotic on the market, used every topical doctors can prescribe and am still suffering the life altering effects of acne. I don't have the typical teenage pimples but do have multiple under the surface whiteheads, have large pores on my nose and chin that stay filled with sebum and other whilehead gunk. I look older than my actual age due to scarring and large pores. I inherited this disease from my dad, who had rhinophymia on his nose and chin and his skin always looked creased, oily and had crevices in his chin. Mine is beginning to have this same appearance. My question to this group is this - I am now considering going on Accutane and just wondered at my age, if there is any hope it might help improve my skin, clear up these hateful whiteheads that I am constantly squeezing, and overall, help the appearance? Has anyone even close to my age used this and what should I expect once course of treatment is over?

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Ok, now..am I looking at a mirror?

I m 52, had a hysterectomy recently I was left with an ovary,a couple of months ago I started getting the worst acne ever , like those clogged whiteheads that if not expelled fun my face can create the worst bumps ever.

I recently taking to my mom, she starred complaining of really annoying whiteheads and some pimples.

Oh gosh , it's genetics I thought.

My ovary stopped producing estrogen and I'm producing more testosterone , so it happens as we age.

Dermatologist option ,

Spirinolactone , no way,, it's a hormone, ok Accutane? No way,I have high cholesterol.

By the way I have hypothyroidism.

Ok back to , taking to my mom, so I told her , well I'm using vicks vaporub on my face , for pimples, she probably was as desperate as I was , because she went ahead and use it, later she told me, that those annoying whiteheads on her forehead were now gone, they had come out on their own.

I know it sounds crazy , but apparently I searched on the web and some people used it on their rosacea.

Right now I'm writing about this on the forums , go to rosacea, click on it, then click on the last page 46 of the seborrheic dermatitis thread,I have been writing about this.

In no way it's my attempt for you too do the same.

As I have read , as we grow older it's pretty common to have this king of yeast in our bodies .


Oh , the only thing that I have done differently it's that I try not to have sugar , sometimes I get fed up and have some coke ,soda drink.

I don't really have a specific diet since I haven't been able to cook lately, so it's all out to eat.

My face gets red if I'm in front of the stove, it's frustrating since I love cooking.

I don't drink milk, and I'm buying silk unsweetened coconut milk from target.

Sometimes I have cheese, like with the tacos from taco bell.

Oh , the coconut milk has the b12 vitamin that apparently we don't absorb well as we are aging.

I'm allergic to most berries, so my only fruits right now are bananas and apples, the two fruits that I hated the most ,how ironic.

I can't have nuts ,I breakout, and peanut butter kind of makes me itchy and feels like shaky like my throat wants to close.I have a light reaction I guess.

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