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Off The Regimen For A While Then Re-Started It

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Hi Guys,

I have had a great experience with the Regimen - having been on it for several years, and staying clear. (I started in late 2011 - I am now 38 years old)

A couple of months ago I decided to stop it - largely out of curiosity to see if I still needed it to stay clear.

I slowly weaned myself off over a few weeks. I started doing it only in the evening at first, and then just every other morning after a while, and then completely stopping.

During this weaning off period, my skin was fine, no break-outs really.

After about a week of being off it, I got a giant pimple on my chin - and after this I decided to go back on the regimen.

I went straight back in to using the full amount that I used to use. (obviously not the smartest idea in retrospect)

My skin became EXTREMELY red and peeling, unlike I had experienced before.

I had to back off the Benzoyl peroxide for a while, and have now started ramping it up a lot slower.

I am finding that my skin is extremely sensitive to the Benzoyl Peroxide - like I had never used it before.

I find I can put it on once a day in the evening without an issue, but as soon as I start putting it on in the morning as well it gets very dry and irritated.

I am currently putting it on every second morning.

(I use one pump - and only do the regimen on my nose, mustache and chin regions. I use the same amount of moisturiser)

I was wondering if anyone else had similar experiences after taking a break from the regimen for a while?

Cheers, Nigel

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When you stop using it, your skin is no longer accustomed to it. You will need to start all over as a newcomer and go through the "hardening phase" all over again.

Don't ever jump right back in at the full amount (I know, you learned the hard way).

Start over just like you did in the very beginning. Just a pea sized blob once per day for the first week. Same amount but twice daily on week two. Gradually take about 4-5 weeks to work your way back up.

Good luck!

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Yep same situation with me. Started the regimen in 2008 and i've stopped and re-started the regimen a few times since then. Each time, it's like starting all over again even if you take only a week off. Also really depends on your skin sensitivity. Sucks but what can you do.

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Yes this is almost my exact situation. I used BP for over 10 years. 6 months ago I decided to stop using it aswell, and unfortunately did discover over the next few months that my skin couldn't do without it. I restarted the Regimen too ambitiously and it was NOT a good time. I took a break for a few weeks, and am now once again restarting and doing it responsibly as though my skin has never seen BP before. Dry all over again of course, but definitely not as much as when I tried going back to it full force. Just the normal amount.

It takes patience, I think even more so when you feel like your skin should be used to it, but take it slow and you'll be back to where you were before! That's my goal at the moment aswell :)

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Thank you everybody for the replies.

Anybody have any hints on the way to slowly increase the usage?

I find the suggested "pea size" amount really isn't enough to spread anywhere much.

I have been trying applying BP just every second night at first, and then every second morning as well and so on.

Thanks again, Nigel

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I would say to do it just nightly for few days, and then add in every 2nd morning for a week or so until your skin is really used to it again… and then go for morning and night everyday and start ramping up the BP.

Personally I've found starting BP as an adult much harder than when I started it as a teenager. My skin is thinner and much more sensitive now than it used to be, so it's taking a lot longer to adjust.

To help with spreading just the pea sized amount over the entire area you're trying to cover, if you aren't already doing it, try dotting it around in those areas first and then smoothing it around. That way you can be sure everywhere you want it gets an even amount and you're not running out by the time you get to ____ because you just used too much on your ____. If that made any sense! Haha.

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