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Too Dry For Concealer HELP!

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hi i have done the regimen but what do you do if your skin is dry and flakey but you really want to use a concealer.

The skin is too flakey to put a concealer on so its like a catch 22 i have to now go out with spots or try and cover them up which makes them look worse help does anyone have a solution for me to keep using Bp but to be able to wear concealer so it looks normal ?


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If you really feel like you need to wear concealer you can try putting a lot of moisturizer on dry spots for awhile then wiping it off, and trying concealer after that.

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Hi Jessica,

What works best for me is using an oil-based serum at night, rather than traditional moisturizer. What I've found is that whenever I use acne wash or cream, my skin gets really dry and flaky, and the only way to alleviate the itchiness and flakiness is by replenishing the natural oil in my skin with a serum. I make one using hazelnut oil and grapeseed oil -- both of which are very light-weight oils that are astringent and won't aggrevate your acne. I apply a few drops every night to my whole face, and in the morning my skin feels really smooth and soft, and no flakies in sight!

Another thing that helps is making sure that you exfoliate your skin really well at least 2x a week. You can make a homemade exfoliator by mixing table salt or sugar with some milk and honey. Sounds crazy, but it really does work, and it makes your skin feel soooooo soft too!

Hope that helps!

PS -- I love your name! wink.gif

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