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these pictures are making me so sad. I just want to cry. :(

3weeks on bactrim

1week on ziana or biacna

Right now I have 1pimple on my chin, 2 on my outer left cheek, and 1 on my right temple.

cheeks are 100% clear except for the stupid PIH! They make me so depressed! Ugh!!!

Questions: My cheeks are red and face is peeling. when will this end?

My PIH looks a lot redder. when will they start fading??

Bactrim is helping with the breakout by making the pimples disappear alot faster with out forming a nasty looking white head. I know its not the ziana because before I started using it bactrim has given this effetct.

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It's really early in treatment to expect flawless skin. It takes generally 3-4 months for retinoids to show consistent improvement (stop breaking out) and it could be 6 month to a year for PHI to fade. The goal should be to stop getting acne and then your marks will begin to heal

Try to stay patient.

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thanks leelowe1 for the information. I just felt so bad today because before the ziana it was okay to use foundation for the pih but now its just useless because of the peeling and so much redness :(

when you used ziana before, did you experience the redness and peeling too?

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update: Week 1 (5days)

So I washed my face tonight with a gentle cleanser and used a toner. both are extremely gentle(i got them from the acne clinic I go to)

tonight was supposed to be my 6th day of the biacna gel but my better judgement lead me to the decision of skipping it tonight.

I just finished applying my moisturizer over my red cheeks! and there was mild burning for less than a minute.

I'm getting a new pimple on my left temple. :(

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I've been using manuka honey for my acne prone skin because I always have allergic reaction to products sold in the market. I've bee using it for a month now and it helps with my huge pimples and old acne scar.

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Idk why but i can still feel my cheeks stinging hours after the moisturizer but it's pretty tolerrable. its just weird because this is the first night not using the biacna and my first night experiencing this redness and burning.

woke up with my cheeks not so red anymore. no more stinging just pink cheeks.

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Week 2 (day 11)

I might be having the initial break out because my cheeks have been pretty clear three weeks into bactrim and one week on biacna. However, in the middle of week 2 with biacna, i got 3-4 pustules. they are small but still brings me down more than anything else but just like everything else, this too shall pass.

skin tone overall has improved, nose and forehead have been clear for a few days now. skin is peeling, face is still a bit red/pinkish.

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no new pimples for the past two days, just 2 really small red bumps. I hope they dont get inflamed.

been alternating pure biacna and biacna+moisturizer for 5 nights now. less irritation, still peeling a bit.

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i dont know if anyone or somebody reads this, but here it is. pictures of my progress using biacna for 3weeks and bactrim for a month.

so far so good not too much redness just some nights but they're more like random flushes not "irritation redness". less and less pimples every week. hopefully when I get my period i dont her new pimples lol.

reallg bothered by the red/brown marks but they are fading. skin tone is so much more even. so much more!post-405423-0-53272600-1417584670_thumb.post-405423-0-10899800-1417586344_thumb.

UPDATE: One month on biacna and 6wks on bactrim

FACE IS CLEAR! but i have a ton of red marks all over my cheeks. face is so oily. It's been this way before i started biacna so can't blame the gel for that. Face is a bit tight after washing. flakes not so much and I started using olay pro x brush evry night. seems to get rid of the flakes! yay!

hope my progress continues! dont wanna jinx it.

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Hi there. I am a 16 year old female on ziana and 100mg minocyline every night. Last year i achieved beautiful skin after 3 months on epiduo and doxycyxline but I became resistant so the derm switched it up. However I am 2.5 months into the ziana regimen and am not pleased. I haven't seen any improvement honestly and have just recently gotten huge cysts on my naturally clear forehead.... I get so hopefull from peoples stories that say after 3 months there skin improves greatly.., but then get very discouraged when I see those posts saying the product didn't work at all. Is it normal to still be on the initial breakout 10 weeks into ziana?

Also: the last month I have been using tea tree oil basically all over my face because I was so desperate to get clear and then applying ziana directly on top.... Just yesterday I read that tea tree oil shouldn't be mixed with a tretinoin (ziana) so I stopped today and will never use it again. Also I have always applied ziana in the morning and night but am now just doing night because I thought the overuse might be contributing to my breakouts. Thoughts?

Regimen: morning: wash with cetaphil oil control foam wash

Apply cetaphil oil control moisturizer

Night: same thing but apply ziana before moisturizer and take 100mg minocycline pill

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