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Licorice Root Supplement Seems To Be Helping Acne

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I have been taking licorice root for almost 2 weeks, as very short time, for other problems ( I have a stomach ulcer, ugh). I am working on healing it, taking probiotics, but needed something to help with bad bacteria, h. pylori, more than a probiotic can do. I wanted to use this stuff before antibiotics (appt. with a specialist in a few weeks, but I do know from my ER visit due to extreme pain that it is an ulcer), because antibiotics are so hard on your body. Long story short I feel better, and have not had any negative effects stomach wise, but I have noticed my acne has been reduced??!! I have a little bit of purging in the form of some clogged pores around my mouth finally coming to a head and going away, FINALLY, but I've noticed less acne in any other area of my face in general. I wonder if it is from the licorice root? I have been taking other supplements for a few months that have helped quite a bit that you can read in my signature, but the licorice root seems to really help! Anyone else had a good experience with licorice root supplement?

I read online several articles in which it helps kill the p. acnes bacteria in general, help stomach ulcers and kill h. pylori bacteria, and also several other issues, like the stress hormone and keeping things more level stress wise. I have been feeling more relaxed, and it is a busy season at my job, so maybe the licorice root helps control my stress/cortisol levels? The research also stated something about helping with the bad androgens in the body but I can't remember exactly what it said. Who knows!?

Anywho, anybody else noticed this supplement helping or tried it? I feel like more people should!

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Licorice root INCREASES net cortisol (by reducing the level at which it is broken down). Cortisol weakens the immune system. It basically shuts down the immune system in response to stress--think fight or flight, if you're fighting for your life, your body needs to focus on the task at hand, and diverts energy from immune system tasks to the stress response.

Since acne is partially an immune response, shutting down your immune system means that your skin stops reacting. It doesn't really stop the cause of the acne but it can stop the end part of the response.

Whether that's a good idea or not depends on if you were low in cortisol in the first place. If you were not low in cortisol before licorice root, then increasing it could cause long term damage. The research I've read indicates that most people in the modern world are too high in cortisol, not too low.

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i wonder what symptoms of high cortisol are....hmmmm. i just know that i am often extremely stressed and have been diagnosed with anxiety and have been taking medication for quite some time for it, so my stress levels are always high. i was more focused on the assistance it gives to my stomach and getting rid of bad bacteria. and the helping decrease the p. acnes bacteria from the inside, not just the outside :] thats a nice bonus to read.....but mostly my stomach lol

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