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I Have No Idea Where To Start. So Confused.

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Hi guys, I'm fairly new top these forums after lurking for a while. I'll give you a bit about myself firstly and my situation. I'm 22 years old and have suffered from mild to moderate acne since I was around 14. I have used Benozyl creams before which have helped, antibiotics and homemade body scrubs. My main issue at the moment is that I am getting acne on my shoulders (my actually deltoid) Not my shoulder blades which seems to be more severe on one side and the other side it is very very mild. I don't have cystic acne, but 102 big spots and then numerous tiny pin prick sized spots and a bunch of small blackheads that tend to only show under strong artificial lighting that you'd usually experience in clothes shop changing rooms. I also suffer from spots on the underside of my chin and jaw and besides my eyes in front of my ears. Anyhow it's ruining my confidence and I have no idea what route to take at all. I am trying to find a reliable bodywash I can use daily in the shower to combat this in conjunction to the gel I use to treat spots (Freederm Nicotinamide 4%)

I see cleansers, bodywashes, bodyscrubs, moisturizers amongst other things and I just have no idea what product I am meant to use with which or how often or what to use on days I don't use a certain one. It's confusing me so much.

So yeah I am looking for a bodywash I can use daily, and something I can wash my face with daily, so I don;t over complicate the process with so many products. Something I can access in the united kingdom from the shops or even something prescription based. My confidence is stopping day by day and I'm really struggling to cope.

All help I receive is greatly appreciated and means a lot to me.

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There are a lot of natural ways to treat acne and many of the solutions can be found in your kitchen cabinet. Tea Tree Oil, might not be in the kitchen but could be somewhere in your home. Tea tree oil helps to disinfect and clean the skin reaching deep into the pores to kill off bacteria that clogs them.
Tea tree oil is a strong product so before applying to your skin you should dilute tea tree oil with water. Try using two tables spoons of water for 1/16 of a dropper of tea tree oil. Clean the area to be treated with water then apply diluted mixture with cotton balls or swabs. Do this daily for 5-7 days you should see an improvement in your skin soon. Good Luck!

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Manuka natural honey is good for acne. Manuka honey moisturizers can be applied directly on skin and pure manuka honey can be taken internally. A formulation of manuka honey is high in antibacterial properties that treat and prevents acne infection.

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