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Nouriva Repair

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I had a pimple on the top of my nose that wouldn't go away. It just kept producing oil and it looked like a huge ice pick type scar was going to be the result.

I BP'd it to death, and tried every concievable way of drying the thing out. Finally I went to my derm and he told me that the reason it kept producing oil was because my skin was trying to heal.

So he gave me this sample of Nouriva Repair which has the consistency of toothpaste. NO it's even thicker than that.

He said put it on for a few days and the mark would be gone. I was like, yeah right, thanks buddy (sarcasm!).

I put it on the hole in my nose which was about the size of a pencil eraser and about as deep as the eraser is tall. Overnight I saw such a huge difference. I am now on day three and my nose is almost completely normal. It's [email protected]#k'n amazing.

The lotion is made up of ingredients that are the same thing as the lipids in the skin. So instead of waiting for your skin to produce these lipids the lotion supplies them directly to the source of lesion.

i wish this would work for the red mark that i have from the infected cyst that recently cleared up (about two weeks ago) but I think it's only good for new lesions.

I was skeptical at first because I thought the lesion would have to be dry before I could try to heal the skin but viola it worked.

I am so impressed.

I looked it up on the internet and it sounds expensive (18 bucks I think for a very small tube) but you really only need a dab and you don't put it all over your face just were you have an acne lesion.

it is a miracle!

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Good for you. smile.gif Seems like it is marketing as a moisturiser for dry skin condiions like psoraisis etc...was your derms instruction just to use it on the healing area only?


Petrolatum, water, paraffin, mineral oil, sorbitan oleate, carnauba wax, ceramide 3, cholesterol, glycerin, oleic acid, palmitic acid, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, tromethamine.

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he said to just use it on the lesions. That was on Tuesday. He said that by the weekend my skin should be healed. So far so good.

He also gave me such a small tube (a sample) that I could only use it on the lesions anyway.

But I'm thinking of buying myself a tube.

He also gave me Aquanil - a very gentle cleanser - says it's soap free. Seems to be working. It makes my skin feel smooth and supple.

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I am glad it worked for you. Too bad it only seems to be effective for new lesions. I haven't researched all the ingredients, but the 1st one is Petrolatum (basically, vaseline). Vaseline is excellent for moist healing.

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The pencil eraser size "hole" in your nose ...did you actually mean to say..

the size of ..the zit..?

If not, How could this cream heal a Hug honkin hole that large and deep, in 3 days..?? eek.gif

I have a Huge Ice pick scar on my nose that I have been talking about here for awhile... It is totally healed...AND.. I am totally desperate...I look like crap.

Hopeless2..You sure have given ME some Hope..!!!

I could use a miracle like that...!!!

Do you think this cream would work for my ice pick ..?

Would I see quicker results ..if I used the Cream AND went to Church...? eusa_angel.gif

( evil.gif sorry- coudnt help myself..LOL)

I am.. really Very Happy that it worked for you...

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sorry but I'm not sure if this product will work for you.

The zit/hole that i had was a lesion. I'm a picker!

It started out as a zit (like a white black head if that makes any sense) that I squeezed to death. When it looked like it was drying up I peeled the skin away around it hoping that it would flatten out enough to at least put make up on it and have it look somewhat normal.

Well the zit kept refilling with oil and in the middle was this white fiber like thing that looked like a deep deep blackhead (but white). This was probably my pore. Anyway I just kept spreading the skin apart on my nose until the white stuff came out (much like a black head) but the next day it would return. This went on for almost two weeks! From all the picking the skin around it was red and the hole in my nose was huge and oily and gross eek.gif

I tried BP, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, and every other drying method. I used neosporin a bunch too. I'm sure the chemicals were just irritating it further but I was paniky about the hole thing.

So when I put this Nouriva Repair stuff on it (or actually in it) the skin appeared overnight and looks better and better everyday. I'm now on day 4 and my nose is healed. There's a slight indentation (really only I can see it) but my derm assured me that it wouldn't scar.

So I don't know that this stuff will work for an already healed lesion. I tried putting some on a red mark and I haven't had the same miraculous results.


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I'm not sure if I posted this in the right forum or not.

It sounds like the people who visit the Scar Forum get pretty upset about hearing about "miracle creams" and the like.

I only posted it because when I first found this sight I was looking for an answer. I have gotten some great info here and I will continue to search threads before buying and trying any products but unfortunately I have found that it is rare to read posts about things that work.

For every post that says "hey this stuff is working, things are looking up" there's about twenty posts that say "this stuff sucks, I hate my life, nothing works, etc."

So I just thought it would be cool to share something positive that may work for someone who had the same problem as me.

A little hope from hopeless2!

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nodoubt -- how recent is this hole that you're worried about? If it's fairly new, I'd recommend putting some stuff with vitamin C and vitamin A on it and wearing one of those silicone scar sheets on it during the night. YES those work on intented marks! I started using them on the mark I'm trying to get rid of two days ago, and already I can see improvement!

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My heart goes out to you and I am sorry I was somewhat sarcastic.

When you spoke of how panicky you were about the hole that developed

on your nose...

I know EXACTLY what you were going thru...i am still going thru it...


Is this Nouriva repair cream..only by prescription..???

I have tried everything...just like you...I am willing to give it a shot.

My scar is not as large as yours..(pencil eraser..???!!!)..it is about the

size of ---> * (on your keyboard)

But it still looks like a huge black hole of doom...that no makeup can

fill in.. or cover. sad.gif

Really...I am very happy that the Nouriva worked for you...there is nothing worse than getting a scar on the nose (especially a deep hole) ...

I have talked to many plastic surgeons and they dont want to touch it..

Thank you Sooo Much for sharing smile.gif

Now..I dont feel so alone.


Luna Hoshino--

Yes..this hole is fairly new..about 3 weeks...Thank you for your suggestion on the vitamins...do I mix the vitamin C & A...then apply?

Then.. put the scar sheet on top of that..?

I saw those silicone scar sheets at Walmart--I had no idea that they helped with indented scars...thanks! I will try this too.. biggrin.gif

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Luna Hoshino--

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! For telling me about Scar Guard Silicone sheets...!!!

I ran over to Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon and picked some up...

I am willing to try ANYTHING at this point..

I cut a piece of the sheet and put it on my "Nose Hole"..(LOL-sounds goofy)

I thought ...what the Heck...I slapped a sheet on both cheecks too...

It has now been about 8 hours and I just took a peak...

I am Not going to say the "M" word....but...

OMG!!!! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!!! eusa_dance.gif

My Extra nose hole is virtually GONE!!!!

Hopeless2...I would highly recommend you get some of these silicone sheets...

your left over.. nose dent.. will disapper!!!!

Then...I came to my senses...I know I must realize that this is only temporary...

It all happened too fast...

BUT if I stick to the 12 week treatment... who knows!!!

I am FILLED WITH HOPE!!!!! (or Silicone...either way...its all GOOD... biggrin.gif LOL)


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biggrin.gif You're quite welcome! I was thrilled that they've been working so well for me-- and as far as I can tell, the improvement seems to be cumulative-- that is, it's just getting better and better.

It was actually my derm's suggestion to try them on the indented mark. He told me that they help the collagen rearrange itself properly, rather than the jumbled mess that usually occurs when you get a scar. He's not quite sure why they help the indentations, but if it works, who am I to question it?

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Guest Scorpioness

I just read a little about this product on the net and I had to buy some to check it out. With winter dryness and breakouts that come and go, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give this product a shot. I hope it doesn't break me out.... eusa_pray.gif

I'll post an update after awhile.

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Hi luna..

I took the scar sheets off this afternoon...they really poof up the skin...not only have I seen a good improvement in my cheek scars...my fine lines and wrinkles have diminished too!!!

(I am not as young as you think... sad.gif LOL )

It is really weird ...how these things work...LOL

It is to bad they dont make a huge mask shaped sheet to cover my entire face..LOL ninja.gif

As for a cumulitive effect...that ..sounds very promising..!!!

At first I had the feeling the silicone would puff up the skin...then when they were off during the day...the skin would just shrink back...kinda like a masking effect....but I have had them off for aprox. 5 hours now and


My "nose Hole" looked really good last night...but this afternoon after my shower...it was back to the usual..this scar is deep and disgusting and I know I have to realize ..I cant expect miracles over night.

Well..I cant wait to slap those suckers back on tonight...LOL

I will let you know how this progresses... and Thanks!! biggrin.gif

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Guest Scorpioness

I thought the silicone sheets only worked for raised scarring? I tried them a long time ago... a brand called Rejuveness and they did nothing. But, they do make a cloth face mask to help bind the silicone sheets to the face.

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I had a hole in my skin and it closed up from me putting spenco on it a few times a day. I think it helped it heal. There is no hole now. The key, imo, is to apply these things as soon as possible. Once the healing process is over, it is too late as a scar has already formed and blood cells aren't rushing to the site to aid in repairing anymore.

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I thought the silicone sheets were only for raised scars too.

That is why I never tried them...so far they are improving my dented scars...

For how long....? Only time will tell.....

I intend on using them for the full 12 weeks...

At this point they are my only hope sad.gif have nothing to lose.

Thanks for the info on the cloth mask... smile.gif

Emmanuel--What is Spenco...?

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Guest Scorpioness

Yes, Spenco also contains Hyaluronic acid. I can NEVER find it anywhere though and when I ordered it from a site online, it never came in the mail! So I gave up. sad.gif

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It was brand spankin' new! On my nose. I am still applying it. It has been approximately 2-4 weeks, I am unsure. It is looking better daily. Keep in mind, it is still in its healing phase, but the spenco can only help. At the very least, it protects the precious skin from the harsh topicals allowing it to heal properly.

Here is spenco, so you know what to look for.


I swear by this stuff!

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