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Facial Redness, Oily Skin, Acne, Help!

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I'm 23, I rarely go out with friends because of my face. I need to fix my problem to really enjoy life. My problems are facial redness, large pores and very oily skin after about an hour of cleansing, white pimples filled with puss, dry skin after cleansing (until later then it gets oily). So my whole face suffers from the redness except forehead. I usually get the pimples on my chin, jaw line, cheek bone and around my nostrils. My daily routine is wash face in morning and use a toner and lotion, then at night I shower and that's it. I eat very healthy, drink nearly a gallon of water a day. I use to be on topical and oral acne medication. I mainly want to reduce the redness right now. Any suggestions would be huge and greatly appreciated!

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I used to always get red cheeks. I still get it from time to time but my new regime has helped to make these occasions rare.

Drink green tea

Use purechimp super face combo 2

I also kept a diary to see what triggered my skin redness & then tried to avoid these things. (I know its a pain but once you have done it you may find a way to reduce redness in your skin for the rest of your life).

Sugar way a big trigger for me personally.

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It's really good to know that pure chimp products are able to solve skin problems. They are providing really quality solutions and fully natural items
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