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How do you get through a bad day?

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Hey everybody,

I usually don't rant and rave about how much acne is bothering me, but I'm having such a bad day (emotionally).

It has been over two months since I've gone off Alesse (which was the major cause of my problems in the first place), and my skin isn't getting that much better. Well it has gotten better at a very slow pace (better one day, bad the next).

I was on Accutane about 2 years ago, and I was fairly clear for awhile.

I met my boyfriend during that clear phase.

Now my skin is getting bad again, and I'm scared of losing him.

What if I don't get better?

I've been on Ortho Tri-cyclen (along with Dan's regimine) for almost a month now.

I know it takes a few months to kick in, but still........

I have not had skin this bad in almost 2 years.


For those in relationships (and those who arn't who have advice), how do you get through the bad periods?


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hell no, i think some guys would. Like the preppy boys and really good looking guys would, but normal people like me wouldnt unless they are stupid ass mother fuckers, i wouldnt be able to leave someone for acne with emotions attached. impossible.

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Thanks 1whipped mom and Elsa wub.gif ,

I don't mean to whine or anything.

You ever just have one of those reaaaaallly bad days?

I know that if someone would break up with you over something superficial, then they arn't worth it.

But I've been with him for almost 2 years, and I'm madly in love.

It's hard not to be worried.

I'm sure I'll feel better tommorrow.

Just having a crummy day.

You guys are always helpful.

I know that if it wasn't for this site and for all of you (*hugs*), I'd probably be bursting in tears right now.

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And to answer your question Elsa, no I would not leave someone over something so superficial.

My boyfriend probably wouldn't either.

But the funny thing about acne is, as hard as you try for it not to, it kind of changes your personality.

I was outgoing when my skin was clear.

Ever since that bad breakout, I've been having a hard time socializing with people.

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hey! wow, youre going through the EXACT situation (well almost exact, lol) that i was going through this summer! i got hit with moderate acne in my grade ten year, but really improved it with topicals/minocin, and so i was looking decent when i met my bf at the end of that year. however, just this summer i started breaking out a LOT, and i was really frustrated/upset, and feeling really low. i had always been self concious about my skin around him, but i knew it wasnt terribly bad so i never talked with him about it. but anyways, at this time i started getting really depressed, and i knew i had to tell him why i wasnt acting like my usual self. so we had a talk, and i explained everything to him, and he was completely understanding smile.gif we *had* been together for almost a year at that point, but still, he was awesome about it, and ever since he's been very supportive and extremely understanding when i say i "have a bad day". i am also on accutane now, and he's been great about keeping on top of how im doing and giving me massages and stuff cause im having a bit of lower back pain smile.gif . and yea, things are slowly but surely improving, and im much much happier than i was a few months ago. soo, hang in there! talk to your boy if you feel comfortable doing so..and even if youre a little hesitant, give it a try, downplay the problem a bit if you need to..you could try something like "ive been a bit upset lately because of my skin, and im not feeling great about myself" or anything along those lines to let him know that youre a bit insecure. i dunno how you feel about that suggestion, but that would be my best advice, and i speak from experience when i say that things got a million times better once i talked with my boyfriend about my skin issues, cause once he realized that i was feeling pretty insecure at that time, he made such an effort to be supportive and to make me feel good about myself. alright, sorry for the lengthy post, lol! hope ive been a bit helpful and that things w/ you get better smile.gif -lisa

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nah elsa you have nothing to worry about, you live in chicago for petes sake, people there are always in a hurry for work or to feed their gut, and you know it. You know they dont think twice or look at you, you have nothing on your face anyway, so dont think that way pooper, you're only hiding that pretty face wub.gif

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If your boyfriend loves you he won't leave you because of your acne. It's not something that you can control and he will/should understand that. I've been with my bf for 3 years (he's never seen me with acne before my terrible breakout) My bf has been really supportive, listens to me whine with self-pity, he's a shoulder to cry on and he visits me at home all the time. If he broke out in acne, I'd be there for him as well. If he leaves you he is shallow and you don't want to be with someone like that anyway.

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yeah right elsa, you were like beggin the doctor for it to stop lmao.

birth control=bigger breast

^^well thats what i hear! let me just snicker to myself here.

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Thanks sweetie pies. wub.gif

You made me feel so much better (also made me laugh haha).

I will try my best to get back to school work and NOT focus on this annoying acne.

I really hate mirrors sometimes - eeeeek!

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pump it up, pump the jams....

you think you own whatever land you land on, you think the earth is just a dead thing you can claim, zip-it zip-it zip-it, i can show you the worlddddddddddd shinning shimmering splendid now tell me princess when did you last let your heart decide.

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I know how you feel. i've been with my boyfriend for two years, love him SO much. We met when my skin was clear but I have scars/marks (One thing I feel TERRIBLE about is I wish he saw me before illness left marks on my face or made my teeth less perfect- I think those marks are terrible but he's never mentioned them at all. It's like he can't see my flaws or something and that's L-O-V-E : ) i would never leave my boyfriend over something physical and superficial that he couldn't control, or even if he gained weight or whatever...But if he was a major jerk or cheated but looked amazing i would drop him without hesitation and not look back.

Anyway, you MUST open up to your boyfriend during moments of insecurity...just like I see you in your pic as a really pretty girl so does he and he might think it's "all in your head" or that it's his fault which will strain your relationship. While your afraid of losing him he's afraid of losing YOU.

i've told my boyfriend the insecurities i have , what being sick did to me and mentioned my skin and none of that bothers him, at least so he says, and I remember feeling really sad one day saying I wish i didn't have all the flaws i have and that it caused me so much pain..we had an argument i guess, before he knew the source of my depression becuase i was acting withdrawn, cranky, avoiding him etc..and he felt SO upset that i would push him away and think he could be so superficial. he was worried thta I didn't love him!?!

Now I turn to him for support instead of shrinking away and when we've had a rough day, there's nothing better then being there for each other. yes i'm really scared- enuf that i cry some nights because he got me to open up after what i went thru and pretty much knocked this HUGE wall i'd set up around myself.

But Elsa wub.gif had given me some great advice awhile back about a guy not being worth the good times if he can't be there for the bad. Life is unpredictable, perfect beauty doesn't exist and it doesn't guarantee love., and we all have our look good/look bad moments! and after two years he knows pretty well how ya look like girl, he's stuck around because he loves YOU.

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OMG>birth control enhances yer, um boobs! Hellloooo, I must get me some. Is ortho good? (@)(@)-------->( @ )( @ ) like seriously, we are lookin for alternate birth control plus clearer skin, bigger boobs, it MUST be christmas

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Thanks so much for you advice Chloe646,

You don't know how much it helps just hearing about others' experiences.

I know in my heart that my boyfriend will be there, helping me through the rough times.

I just wish there wasn't this barrier.

Acne changes who I am inside - it makes me withdraw.

I'm trying hard to fix that, but its tough.

Thanks for your kind words.

Its greatly appreciated.


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I know how you feel, actually it's probably harder for me cause I'm in a long distance relationship. Last time my bf saw me my skin was close enough to clear, now it's definitely not. We're gonna meet again soon and inevitably I'm worried about what he'll think. It makes me very nervous, but deep down inside I have a feeling that if he loves me enough to stay in a relationship with me across a very large distance, that he'll be able to look past it. I think any good person should be able to look past it anyway! eusa_dance.gif But if your bf sees you all the time, and hasn't left you, why are you worried that he will? Obviously he's not going anywhere fast!! biggrin.gif

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