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Starting The Taaaane

Bumpin for an update..been some time. Really hope all is well by you guys! (if any of you even come on here anymore).

I'm acne- free but still combating hyper-pigmentation and scarring. Right now I'm using retin-A nightly and my derm said wait about another year to see what fills in/clears up before considering any treatments like IPL's etc.

Would love to hear from the old crew!

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Hey Derp!!!!!

SO happy to hear you are acne free!
I remember u were on a super high dose...
*happppppy dance*
what retin-a are u using?

I'm doing OK
I get 3-5 spots a week but they are generally small and go away in 1-3 days
The spots I get though, are in odd places..places I never broke out pre tane (temple/mustache area/bridge nose)
and places I broke out pre tane, I never ever get spots (evil twist!)

My skin is super sensitive...texture is rough
I still struggle finding products
Heavy products make me oily and cause more breakouts and light lotions etc arent hydrating enough

Ive seen my derm a few times and and have tried some OTC stuff and rx but my skin gets irritated and red
My newest rx is differen which I havent tried yet
I was also put on 50mg of spiro...for hormonal acne
Its a very low dose....the derm thinks because my issues are minimal...it may do the trick
Im on day#4 and no neg side effects..yet....yeahhhhh

My derm also suggested waiting until the Fall to try any type or peels or IPL for freckles/spots etc

Hope to hear from everyone else


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How's the old crew? Anybody still on here?

Want to report back once again that I am totally acne free in the inflamed sense!

i still get some under the skin comedones that i get extracted and honestly still a good amount of scarring and red marks from the tane!

But no real complaints here, I've consulted with derms and it seems like the scarring is here to stay.

Looking back at these old posts - i'm thrilled to not be at that place anymore.

Would love to hear from any of these old peeps!

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