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Perioral Dermatitis

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Hi all,

Last week, I noticed some red, scaly, patches around my nose and on my chin. The area is very dry and looks like it has small pin-head sized pimples. I went to my Derm and he put me on Aczone, Atralin, and Spiro. I left hoping that these three would clear up whatever mess was on my face.

After about 3 full days of research, I have self-diagnosed myself with Perioral Dermatitis. PLUS: I was using (abusing) a cortisone cream about a month ago, so it makes sense. I am so mad at myself that I basically caused this for using the cream on my face, but it is what it is! I am now trying to deal with the healing process.

NOTE: my dermatologist never mentioned and diagnosed me with "perioral dermatitis." He has a tendency of spending about 5 minutes in the room so it doesn't surprise me that he just overlooked this. It kind of upsets me because I spent money to see him and he didn't even diagnose me correctly, because TRUST ME, I know this is PD! I have had acne throughout high school and college so I know what a regular breakout is and this just isn't it. I just ended my first cycle of Accutane about 4 months ago so I'm going to keep using the Aczone, Atralin, and Spiro for the sake of my acne because I was seeing a bit of a comeback after I ended Accutane.

I have made an appointment with my General Doctor with hopes that he'll give me a prescription for Tetracycline. From what I've read, that is the best and most frequented treatment. Will be seeing him in a few days - stay tuned.

With all of that said, I have a few questions for those who have had to suffer with this monster:

1. Has Aczone worked for anyone? If so, how long did it take to clear up your PD?

2. How often are your flare ups?

3. Is there ANYONE who has only had one initial breakout of PD and never had it since? (looking for some hope here)

4. Since I know mine was caused by the cortisone, does that mean I still have to change my toothpaste and shampoo???

5. Or any advice anyone has to give

Thank you guys! I'm looking forward to getting over this whole mess. It's so embarrassing and I hate leaving my house. I'm aware that it takes some time to clear PD, so I'm trying really hard to be patient!

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what did your doctor say? I think I have something similar and am going to see the derm in a week to find out. I know how you feel just keep at it and fill me in if you found any solutions

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Hiiii, I suffered from this about two years ago. Its horrible, and I'm sorry your going thru it too:(

basically mine was because of that cortisone cream too..and when I stopped using it cause I realized it was only making it worse over time, the rash blew up all over my face.

doctor also misdiagnosed mine for "acne" and like you I have had before and I knew it wasn't acne

go buy Braggs organic apple cider (health food store, I think Safeway carries it) it has to be organic with "the mother" in it. Dilute with 50% water and use like a toner in your face. Also drink a tablespoon a day of it. Google it, it will help you.

get the tetracycline, it deffinetely works the best. Also, ask for metro gel. It will also work nice

as for products, use toothpaste without sls, and use shampoo without it. I use aveeno sls free or L'Oreal sls free. I'm not sure how much of an impact it'll have , but I never did risk it

also make sure you are keeping up with face washing. I didn't cause it hurt and I had a bad breakout. I use aveeno foaming cleanser. It works the best

I know it seems bleak but..i did all that and I haven't had a breakout since. I hope you all the best, feel free to pm me if you have any further questions. I found when I had it there wasn't alot of info about it, so let me,know:)

cheers xx

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