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Hey this is my first time posting on this website, but i felt the obligation to give you my two cents. This worked for me, and i don't have any research or anything just personal experience. i started taking accuaane about a year ago and I started losing hair during my treatment, I didn't really care (and I'm not being cocky) because I always had THICK hair, I'm half hawaien and half latino, my hair is super straight but very thick, I always got and get complemented ALL the time and i always wore it very long. Anyways, i started losing a little bit of hair during the treatment, which was very weird because i NEVER lost any before , but i didn't really care and my derm told me it was one of the side effects. Fast forward 5 months and I finished my treatment, but i kept losing hair, i didn't really take care of my hair much during the treatment, I always washed my hair once a day, but it was so dry I started doing it every other day. I thought the hairloss would stop, but it didn't so i started looking things up on the internet and found this blog about "no poo", basically people don't wash their hair with shampoo and use vinegar or baking soda and more natural things that don't strip the oils from your hair, I said screw that and decided just to cold turkey only wash hair once a week, I washed it every sunday morning with a shampoo that had conditioner in it and started treating my hair VERY gently. I would gently rub the shampoo in and NEVER touch my hair during the week, no matter what. I didn't style it, i just let it down on my face, I'm a guy and I've ALWAYS had long hair and i always had it like this so it wasn't really new (from my eyebrows to sometimes my shoulders, not to long) I did this for the next couple months and everything got fixed, My hair is back to normal, if your a girl, don't wear it in a ponytail or in a way that puts to much strain in your hair, if your a guy then rock a new look and leave it down, don't ever style it, if your hair gets super oily, then deal with it, it will be worth it in the long run, maybe you can go longer without washing if you lose more hair then i did or just wanna keep your hair safer? I don't have any research but this did the trick for me, oh and I was always fit but i started taking my diet more serious, i drink a gallon a day and eat ALOT of protein during the day, i eat a lot of veggies and healthy foods, i started taking fish oils, biotin, and multivitamins. Try to stay as healthy as possible! Good luck!

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Sorry but I simply can't rock that kind of look. I NEED to style my hair and I Need to wash it once a day.

I just finished my second month of accutane and if I sort of pull my hand through my hair there will usually be a hair on my hand afterwards. I don't know if this means hairloss or not.

I am only 16 years old, and having a receding hairline before I turn 40 is a big no-no for me. I plan on modeling in a few years and hair needs to be good.

I'm thinking of shampoo+conditioner daily, fish oil, and zinc.

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