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Hormonal Acne And Actual Adrenal Treatment-Anyone Thought About It

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I have been on many acne medications and the only time they really worked was in early puberty.

Accutane twice; aldactone for four years (horrible, made me sallow and hyperkalemic); and now, antibiotics (Doryx/Doxycycline) for a year. I have been off it a month because it messed up my gut flora. (I did a course of Fluconazole for that.)

In the last year a doctor finally asked for a right blood taste and noted I have elevated cortisol in my blood, something that never occurred to me. An endo before that indicated I have elevated androgens in my blood.

I have struggled with depression, fatigue, brain fog, continual decreasing memory and muscle pain for a long time apart from acne since age 19. I have medium thick body hair and it is tied to the formation of cysts.

The worst symptom lately is what feels like permanent melasma and lines from sideburn to cheek apple of inflammation (big pores, pitting, inflammation) that never really go away.

It's worst during that time of the month, but it's pretty bad all the time. My skin is both greasy and papery. I don't think it's the skin products I use because I'm careful.

So here is my question--have ANY of you successfully treated adult acne as you might Cushing's disease or some other adrenal symptom?

How did you go about it?

Spiro is the end-all be-all for this crap and it was the worst out of all the drugs I tried. At least antibiotics helped with the inflammation, pigmentation and pitting for a well.

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Sorry to hear of your struggles but don't give up!

I don't know where you live, but if you are in Canada there is a line of products by Lorna Vanderhaeghe which my daughter and I have both used with success. Lorna is well known here and you can read about her products and research on her website www.healthanimmunity.com (she also has several books on women's health).

FYI I am in no way associated with her I have just found her products to be of a good quality and very helpful. These are herbal supplements and not prescriptions so it usually takes a few months to see the benefit.

My daughter takes Adrenasmart (support for the adrenal glands) and has noticed a difference in her overall mood and stress level. I take Glucosmart (helps with blood sugar levels) and we both take Estrosmart. You may benefit from Estrosmart as well which helps balance your hormones. Anyway it may be worth taking a look at her literature. Just a suggestion!

Good luck.

ps. I have read articles that say that drinking spearmint tea (not peppermint) everyday helps reduce androgen levels.

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Thank you for replying. I really, REALLY hate that this site won't let me see replies or find my own notifications without following the topic.

Thanks again.

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@bizz hey, are you still there? I have the same concern with you. Maybe Acne can be caused by Adrenal Disorder
Amenorrhea accompanied by hirsutism (excess facial and body hair, and sometimes acne and oily skin) implies a possible adrenal disorder causing an excess of male hormones. 
From Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. Eat Right for Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia Book

I also experienced brain fog, fatigue, low energy...though I eat right, sleep soon, & take supplements.
I know it's weird but I am a male & I also experience hot flash, acne usually appear on forehead, jawline....
I notice that I'm almost clear when my hormone is at the usual level. But after...masturbating, I break out a lot. 

I plan to purchase a Herbal Adrenal Support to regulate my hormone level.

What is your thought on this?

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