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minocycline-when can i expect to clear up?

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I have been on 200mg minocycline for 7weeks and have not had much improvement. Actually had 4cysts on my cheek appear last week. Also use clindoxyl gel at night. I am a 33years old female and so frustrated. When should i see real improvement? Or is this not working? evil.gif

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minocyn doesn't work for all remember. The average course is 6months. But 7weeks is a long time. I'd have expected some kind of improvement by now. If it isn't working, go back to yor gp. Its often the case that you are resistant to some antibiotics. Many people have to change antibiotic every once in a while.

Sometimes a GP will prescribe two medications. A lotion like retin A and antibiotics. Try a lotion as well or something.

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minocy is really one of the best antibiotics out there...bactrim is quite effective but can be more dangerous than accutane (depending on the patient)...200mg is a pretty high dose (but it depends on size so it might be right for you) and I would expect to see results within 8 weeks...it is quite likely that the antibiotic isn't working for you...and that's common...so speak with your doctor...if its cystic and quite annoying or bad...and the antiobiotics don't work...you might want to consider accutane...or for a short time bactrim just to see if it'll knock it out...best of luck

here's a link for some bactrim info... http://dermatology.cdlib.org/rxderm-archives/acne

It's really not a common prescription for acne treatment...but in patients not wishing to use accutane it can be the only thing that works...you may need bloodtests either way...

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