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I Did It: I Cured My Acne

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Hi! : )

I wanted to share with you how I stay 100% clear now. I do have some hyperpigmentation and if I eat a bunch of crap or sleep with make up I will have 2-3 breakouts, but it is nothing that I cant control right now. It took me 6 months to heal (almost) completely after years of out-of-nowhere acne.

I got to the root. I did EVERYTHING I found helpful. The story is very long, but this are the main points:

At first I cut out all occaisonal junk (was paleo before the healing process, but ate chocolate and potatoes and butter, LOADS of nuts and 4 coffees a day, didnt drink water, stressed a lot and mistreated my skin with lots of make up, no hydration and poor cosmetics).

I stopped using cosmetics for 3 months, only a very high quality moisturizer, which I replaced with oils after that.

(1) My diet :

- I went 100% meat, fish and vegetables for a month - decreased my acne to 50%

- I found out I break out from fruit and all other carbs - stopped them, ate berries for some period

- Then I went to a holistic practitioner and all possible doctors to find out what is wrong with my body. I found out I have too much male hormones ( I am a girl), elevated cortisol, thyroid on the lower side but normal, low estrogen

- BUT I also fund out I have gut problems : my holistic doctor said I have candida overgrowth and I made a food intolerance test: I am intolerant to a bunch of foods I ate on a regular basis even after I began the low carb diet (tomatoes, brazil nuts, peppers, eggs, etcetera)

- My endocrinologist said I have insulin resistance

- ALL doctors said I am too stressed out and should do something to calm down ( I had a pretty bad everyday life before)

(2) My topical regimen:

- I went from poor care to expensive care to all natural care with oils (oil cleansing and oil conditioning), ACV, homemade masks with cinnamon, clay, lemons and much much more which are 10 times more effective than the usual crap you bye in the cosmetitian salon.

Now I get compliments how my skin looks and I was the one to have the worst acne ever. Even antibiotics (at least 6 types of them), accutane, topical antibiotics and corticosteoids (ALL OF THEM) DIDNT WORK.

Even raw vegan didnt work for me.

What worked was a COMPLETE CHANGE of my LIFESTYLE and MIND. I am not the same person. I accepted to be weak to become the strongest version of myself and actually to continue growing.

(3) Here is what I do now:


- I eat paleo, mostly hormone free meat, fish, seafood, vegetables (all that I am tolerant to, LOADS of greens), sweet potatoes

- twice a week I eat fruits (berries, apples, sometimes banana) after work out, small amount

- I eat a lot of healthy fats: olive oil, olives, avocado, walnuts but not too much due to the omega 6 (no other nuts than walnuts or macadamias)

- sometimes I add sunflower or pumpkin or chia or flax seeds in my salad

- I eat a lot of prebiotic foods : chicory, onions, leeks, eggplants, garlic

- my cheat foods are: brown rice, buckwheat, sweet potatoe starch noodles (only cold because of the resistant starch content!), more fruits or more walnuts or some healthy dessert recipe, but no sugar or honey ( I am allergic to honey...), only stevia

- I eat homemade sauerkraut daily, other fermented vegetables also

- I try not to drink coffee anymore, but usually go for an espresso once or twice a week and drink just 1/2 of it (a small italian espresso), so basically it is just tasting the flavour

- I dont drink more than 2 cups of green tea weekly, because of the hormones (it stimulates androgens)

- I drink a minimum of 3 Liters of water a day and this is a rule I NEVER EVER break. If I didnt reach 3 liters, I dont go to bed and just drink them!!!!!!!

B. Exercise

- I was always an athletic person in good shape, but now I am more than ever. I go to the gym religiously 5 times a week and do moderate cario, some weight lifting, sometimes HIIT, I do a lot of stretching

- I do chores 60 minutes a day with a timer : I always keep my house clean, even if my shedule is very busy ( I study law and have to study practically all the time...). I do the chores, because it clear my mind, keeps me moving and organized and reduces stress!!!

- I always take the stairs

C. Supplements

- maca and spirulina on a 21 day cycle with 7 days rest. Sometimes I take chlorella instead of spirulina

- PROBIOTICS 25 billion (NOW Foods) 2X daily

- SUper Enzymes (NOW) with HCL

- L-Glutamine 5-10 g daily

- Vit. B complex high dosage

- Vit. E 400 mg

- Fish oil 1 g omega 3

- Zink 50 mg (NOW) picolinate

- Magnesium 400 mg oxide

- Vit. C 1000 mg powder form

- silicic acid 3Xdaily

- aloe vera juice on an empty stomach

- sometimes Cod Liver Oil 1 teaspoon

- sometimes Vit. D 1000-3000 IU (usually 4-5 times a week)

I religiously stick with my supps, sometimes I wont take the zink or the B complex or some other vitamin, BUT I always take the probiotics, the l-glutamine and the omega 3.

Every one of this supplements is essential for recovering. The maca gives enourmous libido, I went mad at first, but the benefits are balanced hormones : )

D. Topical regimen

- I reintroduced make up to cover my hyperpigmentation, although it is not bad at all. I tried a lot of things and the only one that doesnt break me out is AVENE oil free foundation

- As a basis under the foundation I use BABOR daily cream (it is very pure) for acne or just oils

- I clean my make up with some kind of oil and cotton at night : sesame seed (my favourite), olive oil, black seed oil...

- Then I put more oil and do the oil cleansing methode with hot cloth (I use only one-time cloths, they are thinner, but more hygienic)

- Then I usually do a cinnamon+vitamin C mask almost every night, because it helps with scars A LOT!!!, every week my pigmentation gets lighter

- Then I clean it with hot water, put ACV and oil condition my face with a mix of some oil : sesame seed or black seed or primrose oil plus always : tamanu AND neem!!!!

And I go to bed.

In the morning I use some sesame seed oil under the shower to add shine to my skin and earn some compliments :D :D

Then I apply ACV and oil or the BAbor cream and make up.

E. Lifestyle changes

- I meditate

- I keep my house clean and tidy, declutter every week

- I work on my emotions

- I detoxed my life of people who are intoxicating

- The same with activities that just hold me back

- The main belief I put as a constitution of my life is :

I follow my heart and embrace fear, failure and pain in order to become stronger. There is NOTHING I cant do, if I want it truly, deeply, madly. I worship every day I have here and even if it sounds crazy, I am happy just to be alive.

In my case, the body healed the soul and the soul gave me a new body.

And this is just the start of my new life.

I am thankful taht I had acne, because it changed my life. It made me who I always wanted to be.

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Hi fyry, I just made this account in order to comment lol. I wanted to say that I found this very inspiration. It sounds like you have an amazingly healthy lifestyle, which I know must take (or DID take) a TON of self-control, which I'm trying to develop myself. My acne is severe (you can't tell very well from my picture since the lighting is bad and I'm wearing makeup, but trust me. My face hurts as I type this). I have a couple doctor appointment scheduled next week in order for me to go get a IUD then start Accutane. However, I'm having second thoughts. I know it's toxic to the body and the reason why I have my acne is a combination of genetics and my lack of self-control. I am almost 100% sure that carbohydrates are what flare up my acne, because ever since college started I have been eating way too much "good" food (Panda Express orange chicken, Burger King milkshakes, crepes, cake, french fries, etc.), I also had been making a lot of smoothies with many green but also many fruits - which meant basically downing 50g of carbs in a couple minutes! From the end of August (when college started) until now (November) my acne has probably gotten 3 or 4 times worse. I haven't had clear skin for maybe 5 or 6 years. I'm 18 now. My acne before school started was at least mellow enough for me to not have to wear makeup at all times to feel normal, now I can't even look at myself, alone at my house, without feeling disgusted. I was told a couple years ago I might have Candida like you. I honestly think that that is the likely problem. I have always been in LOVE with fruit, being able to eat like half a huge watermelon in a day, along with several apples, bananas, pears, etc. When the holistic doctor told me to cut out fruits and other sugars I was like "Uhhh what." I had no idea how I would survive lol. My mom wasn't any help, giving me fruits to eat saying that just one won't hurt me -_- Thanks.... It made me mad for a while but eventually I gave in (after about a week) and went back to my normal diet of fruits and other sugary things. Now that I'm not living at home, and my acne has made it quite apparent that processed/high-carb food and my body don't mix, I am trying to cut it all out. No oatmeal, pasta, or anything moderate to high GI. I went to the store a couple days ago and bought some nice veggies like collard greens to hold me over - also tofu! Love that stuff. Today I've only eaten veggies, tofu, and 6 almonds =). And... an apple. But only one! I hope to have as good results as you have had as I continue my veggie-packed low-carb diet :D I have hope.

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Hey mooshi :) Thank you for your reply, this is also a motivation for me to know I can help other people heal their acne. Actually, I dreamed every night in the time of healing that I will post something like this some day! As for your problem.... I think you should just start doing the basics. At first I read day and night (of course my law studies suffered a bit...) about acne, the sticky topics hier from alternativista are a MUST! I googled every free minute about tips, researched methods and tried a lot of things on my body. This is how you will find out your way to perfect skin. I never believed there is hope that I will stop wearing make up, but now I know that next year this time I will have the skin I always dream about : perfect! Just do the basics: eliminate all carbs at first, even fruits! Actually I felt worse eating fruits than sweet potatoes or brown rice or lentils at first. Now I can tolerate them (not always the brown rice), but in very small amounts. Just start with meat, fish and veggies and make an appointment to some good doctors that can make blood work, see how your hormones are, make insulin resistance tests and I will recommend also a food intolerance test (mine was 500 Euro, but it was the most important step I think... I am allergic to tomatoes, honey, nuts-all healthy stuff, but gave me acne!). Go all natural with cosmetics and read all the time some tricks. If you do the above, accutane is just not necessary. Actually it will make your acne worse on the long run, cos it can wreck your gut (did this to me...). The only sure way is the hardest one of all. Before making this steps I thought I had a healthy lifestyle: I was active all my life with very nice body, ate even paleo, but did it the wrong way. I ate TOO MUCH maybe 60 times more omega 6 than I should (200 g nuts a day every day) and mostly fruits, sometimes meat, but never fish. I drank a lot of strong coffee. I didnt take care of my skin and health. Do the best for your body, appereance and I promise!!!!!! You will see a difference. I know there are a lot of people out there who think diet is bullshit, just take the pill or the accutane and you will be clear, but this is just masking the problem. Eventually you will be even worse (there are few exceptions). I wish you luck and say how it is going from time to time :)

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fyry - The approach to your change seems sincere and well balanced. You have the right idea about transformation. It saddens me when I read about people who believe that only a topical or a drug will fix their problem :( The core of the issue, as you seem to understand, is not the skin. The takes a certain degree of suffering to truly learn the way. Please elaborate more on "working on emotions" and "I meditate", as I personally view these to be essential requirements to experience true change.

I used accutane about 5 years ago. I cleared me for the time while I was on it, then acne gradually came back, along with several side effects: hairloss, joint pain, exhaustion, confusion...it brought me in to a pretty dark place in my life. I learned that I must take a more well balanced, wholesome, approach if I am going to ever be clear again, and much much much more importantly, CONTENT, PEACEFUL, AWAKE, ALIVE, ALERT, AWARE, PRESENT :)

Positive vibes only :)

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