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What's the difference between a scarred pore and an icepick scar?

I know what an icepick scar is like, but can it be little? Like a pin prick? And if so, how is it different from a scarred pore, originating from a little pimple?

My scars have the texture of an orange peal. Not big and shallow to med-depth. What are they then?

Do scarred pores fade and heal? I never pick and my acne is mostly caused by clogged pores (non-inflammatory) and oily skin.

I don't think that icepick scars fade, right?

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Oh yeah,

and what is the deal with stretching scars. My scars totally dissapear when stretched. Does that mean that they'll go away? I'm even more confused now. It sounds too good to be true.

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A "scarred pore", dilated pore, or enlarged pore is essentially a pore that is larger than "normal" for your skin.

An icepick scar is generally small in diameter, but can be medium or deep.

IMO I don't consider a "pin prick" a scar.

"orange peel" texture, if shallow is most likely enlarged pores. If they were somewhat deeper than actual orange peel than they would likely be icepicks.

It's possible that they might heal, but it's also possible that they will remain. Unfortunately, only time will tell.

Icepick scars generally do not heal on their own.

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