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Hyperpigmentation Adverse Side Effect 3-4 Shades Darker Skin In 2 Week On 40Mg Accutane Twice A Day

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Taken 40mg accutane isotretinoin for 2 weeks and my face has gotten 3 shades darker but the rest of my body is normal. I do use the highest strength sun screen. I have an appointment in 3 weeks but do i need to stop taking accutane. Has this happened to anyone else? and does it go away afer stopping accutane?


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white male, 80mg/ day claravis 72kg my face definately appears red, like I have a sunburn. it's not just me seeing things because my friends have said something. today is day 30 for me..obviously it's not the sun factor because I'm using sunscreen too..it must be from the accutane, possibly a reaction while it's getting into your system

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Hi, I was on Accutane 40mg for 4 months, finished my course about 3 1/2 weeks ago. worked a charm but I also noticed that just my face was quite tanned, not red as in sensitive but actually darker (and my skin HARDLY ever tans). And I always wear sun screen so doubt its a sun tan. all my family and friends also noticed this so I was worried it might be from the drug but I couldn't find anything online to suggest dark skin is a side effect so I'm surprised to hear others have experienced the same thing.

its been almost a month since I took my last tablet and my skin does seem to be a bit lighter but still quite tanned.

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