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Doxycycline dosage

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I've been taking 100mg of Doxycycline for about 10 weeks now, and while it's definitely been helping, I'm still not 100% clear. Do you think it would be worth upping the dosage to 200mg? I have no problems with the idea of doing this, if it would help, but I'm slightly worried that messing with the dosage might effect how quickly I become immune to it confused.gif Is this a real factor, or is this just me being totally paranoid?

Any help much appreciated smile.gif

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Wow.. I think if you are not seeing results after 10 weeks, or are not happy with how slow it's taking... I think you should see your derm. about upping the dose wink.gif 200mg sounds good smile.gif I am currently on 200mg a day, but I am on Minocycline, and I just started my 2nd month and I'm clearing up great smile.gif

Good-luck to you.. ^_^

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Thanks for the reply smile.gif I probably didn't explain well enough...don't get me wrong, I am definitely clearing up - I only have, like, two active spots on my face, and probably one or two on my back...but I was really hoping I'd be totally clear by now sad.gif

Sadly, I don't have a derm - I'm in the UK, and my doctor refuses to send me to one! I think just because I don't have cysts and nodules, he thinks I must be dysmorphobic...

Anyway, thanks a lot for your input smile.gif Does anyone else have any ideas?

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I would just be on the lookout for yeast and gut problems, so maybe add a probiotic as a failsafe.Immunity issues can actually be lessened at higher dosages over a shorter length of treatment.Fewer generations of bacteria are exposed to the drug.Glad you are clearing up. smile.gif

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Cheers for the info apple49 smile.gif Will definitely take your advice on using a probiotic. I hadn't thought of that...and I'm sure you're right - best to be safe smile.gif

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