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what do you do when a new zit

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So you know a new zit is about to form- you can barely see a red spot and can barely feel a tiny bump on your face. But you know that within 24 hours, that tiny spot in going to erupt into a full-blown zit or whitehead? What do you do when you find that spot? is there anything you can do to prevent it from forming? mad.gif

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1- i get really pissed off and then generally smash something...

2- after ive calmed down i look in the mirror for 5 hours and then eventualy come to terms with it and apply an anti septic

3 -i few days later i`ll shave over it, making it bleed and look about 100 times worse.... (repeat step 1)

4 - come on here and rant!

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Put a small blob of tea tree oil (pure) on it (u can often find it in shops that do piercings, as it stops them becomming infected). If it still hurts after around 3 hours put another blob on. It will stop approx 80% of spots growing into anythin worth bothering about.

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yes tea tree oil deffo works. its so good at preventing spots from forming. they die down and jus leave a small red mark (which eventually fades anyway) i use bp the pure TTO.

and if u want to make sure you stop any new small pimples forming that u mite not have seen, use 20% TTO in a moisturiser - make ur own - this works in the same way but is less drying. i do this cos i use it on a day to day basis, wen not using bp.

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should i use the tto alone or should i dilute it with something? and when should i apply bp before or after tto?

any other info i need to know?


edit: how much did u guys pay for 2oz?

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Tea tree oil sounds good. Where can the pure stuff be purchased? Or is that stuff from The Body Shop equally as good?

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u can buy it in a lot of shops nowadays. If you live in the UK, you can get it from superdrug, boots and other stores like this.

u can also get it on ebay for pennies.

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