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Demodex Mites// Hair Folliculitis Acne// Gltuten Allery

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Hello everyone,

I am writing with hope to get some help. Ive ot severe acne. I haven;t been diagnosed yet(if I need to be diagnosed heh). I am 22 now, had 'acne' for past 10-12 years. The issue is that my acne doesn't appear to be normal and all I hear from meds and my GP is that if I stop to scratch it, it'll go away!! I am having kind of small circle wounds or some pimples... I've been trying to find some information about it and I found a forum where people describe the same issues and post a pics- their acne looks just like mine. Unfortunately most of them hasn't been diagnosed yet. Its like the puss is inside underneath skin, and it almost break throuh pores, it mostly appears on hairy part of my face(I have looots of blonde light hairs) and it turned out 2-3 weeks ago I am alletgic to gluten...is anybody here able to put all those signs together and ive me some idea how to speak with my gp. BcuzI I don't know how to talk with docs anymore, I am just fed up... Please. Thank you in advance.

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Removing gluten from your diet will definitely help. Consuming gluten prevents you from absorbing the nutrients you need, which may prolong inflammation and acne. Also, try removing dairy from your diet and stay clear from foods with added sugar. See if this works. Are you using any topicals?

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Can you quote me (when you answer) and link the website? Maybe link me to one of the thread you're talking about?

here it is!!


there is a photo as well, it reminds what I have on my face a lot... I keep going to docs but as I am OCD they keep telling me it's not getting better cuz I scratch it and squeeze it Yeah, I do scratch and squeeze it bcuz its really filled with white stuff inside, my face/skin is swelling every time and it becomes super itchy,, when wound is getting clear and there is no white stuff itching and swelling goes away and proper scab will show up. sometimes there is a scab before the wound is clear but scab will go inside skin(kinda on edges) and when I remove it there is still all infection going on and its still itchy.

If it comes to gluten/dairy---its super difficult for me bcuzz I learnt about it not so long ago, I am hardly dealing with no eating gluten and it happens I eat slice of regular bread but putting diary I can't do right now, it'll be too much for me to handle, its just too annoying bcuz no one found a solution yet and I feel embarassed bcuz I keep scratching it even in public places(I am so gross ) and then my face looks bad,, help please, if u need more photos, just ask I think I have a couple more saved on my hard disk

IF IT comes to topicals, I am not sure if I got ya right, I use Fucidin cream(or maybe I should say 'I am supposed to use'), currently I am not taking any pills..

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