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Vitamins: How Much Is Too Much?

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I'm 24 and have had acne since 16. I started with severe acne and have so far been on 5 or 6 accutane cycles. I have barely been able to manage my skin since coming off my last cycle a few months ago with many sensitive, non-irritating products as well as Differin every 3 days. Then, all of a sudden, my skin starting breaking out again and now i'm back to thinking, "ok, here we go again" and am just simply exhausted at this point. My skin seems to be managing so far, but it's far from clear, which is what I had and what I'm aiming for. Of course I seemed to have tried everything, however, the one thing I am new to, is the vitamin realm. I did my research on recommended dosage for EACH vitamins, but not in regards to if many of these are being taken together.

In total, per day, I am taking:

Vitamin A: 10,000 IU (10,000 IU x 1)

B5/Pantothenic Acid: 5,000mg/5g (500mg x 5 x twice daily)

Vitamin C: 2,000 IU (1,000 IU x 2)

Vitamin D-3: 4,000IU (2,000 IU x 2)

Vitamin E Gamma: 400IU (400IU x 1)

Omega 3 Fish Oil: 3,000IU (1,000 IU x 3)

Zinc: 30mg (30mg x 1)

I know that the above written dosage are all the recommended "optimum" dosage for each vitamin, but in terms of taking them altogether, I am wondering if I am overloading my system or if I am canceling out the effects of any of these.

I'm battling severe dryness at this point as winter approaches, so I am wondering if 10,000IU of Vitamin A is enough for me to stop using Differin which is very drying for the skin.

Thanks in advance, guys

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I think all the dosages are pretty solid, except Vitamin A may be a bit too high. Vitamin A is fat soluble so there is a small probablity of overdosing, whereas with water soluble vitamins like vitamin C that's not possible.

Have you ever considered Cod Liver Oil? I prefer it over vitamin A pills because it's natural and not synthetic, and has a good balance of vitamins A and D, as well as Omega-3's.

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The main thing you have to worry about is taking too much of a fat soluble vitamin because your body stores those so you can overdo it. Water soluble vitamins will get flushed out when you go to the bathroom if your body does not need them.

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hey thanks, guys, for the replies. i don't think i have much of a choice at this point since i have stockpiled all of the abovementioned vitamins and considering their prices, it would be very difficult to substitute them with anything else.

it seems i have near-permanent dry skin from the myriad accutane courses i took, but the effects seem to be wearing off, hence the disappointing breakout. i don't think i can continue using differin because it is approaching sub-zero temperatures here in korea so i am wondering if the vitamins would be enough and if upping some of the dosage for certain vitamins would be recommended to supplement discontinuing differin..?

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If you don't notice any difference while taking the vitamins, it could be because your body doesn't know how to process them. Try to get whole food sources if you can, it'll work much better. You have to improve your inner efficiency of processing those vitamins too by exercising, eating right (vegan and whole foods preferably), and drinking lots of water. Your skin is the last place in your body to get the nutrients from what you eat so again, your body needs to be more active or whatever.

Also don't use unnatural facial cleansers since they strip away your skins natural defense system. And if your skins irritated, I would recommend aloe vera (from the plant) and a really good moisturizer is avocado oil.

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