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My Skin Has Been This Way For About 2 Years...

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Hey, I've been reading some posts but I haven't seen anyone's problem that has been like mine. The 2 big red spots are from pimples that turned into scabs about maybe 2 months ago. And all of the little red stuff under my skin has been there for 2 years or so (sophomore year of high school to freshman year in college) and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I drink tons of water, never touch my face, take antibiotics for my skin, and no cream seems to work so I stay away from those. It would be really nice for some helpful tips, or instructions on how to fix this. They've been UNDER the skin for TWO whole years. The picture doesn't look as bad as it really is, though.


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Pimples filled with blood and fluids are the worst but I praise you for being cautious enough not to pop them, basically as far as I know vessels tend to clot blood where this kind of pimples occurs. I had the same problem but I wasn't as wary as you were unfortunately I couldn't help but surrender to the urgent desire to unintentionally squeeze them so it left me some depressed scars around my cheeks.

To be frank I dunno what kind of treatment or medication is the most suitable for this kind of blood clotting conditions but I can assure you with full confidence and honesty that it's quite mild you've nothing to worry about it's even no where near being classified as scars.

My assumption is it's either gonna fade out unexpectedly on its own but going to take a little bit more time or you need a pretty simple treatment such as fruit acid exfoliation I did a couple of these and there was definitely an improvement in terms of hyper pigmentation also it doesn't make the skin oversensitive or have any kind of negative effects similar to chemical peels.

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"all of the little red stuff under my skin"


Pictures not clear enough for me to distinguish between hyperpigmentation or dilated caps.

Are you wearing a sunscreen every day? If you're not, you should be. Because thats the reason they're still there (Provided it's not dilated blood vessels)

If you *are*, then see a derm about Vbeam, since thats to only cost effective treatment of dilated caps (They never fade on their own) barring sclerotherapy

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Yeah right I totally forgot, My dermatologist suggested "Vbeam" during my accutane course every 3 weeks, However I didn't do it because all I heard about was how unsafe it is having similar procedures during accutane.

As I said I had the exact same red marks around my cheeks and it took about 5 months to start fading out, I don't go out in daylight unless I'm forced to also I always wear sunscreen so it's either that or exfoliation but the redness is definitely not as apparent as it was and I'm quite strict about these stuff so I wouldn't notice a difference unless it's really there yet there's no way to tell for sure I might be just imagining things.

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