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Intense Gel and Retin-A/Tazorac

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For some reason, the search feature isn't working for me so I hope I'm not being redundant when I ask the following question:

Is it safe to use Retin-A/Tazorac in conjunction with the Intense Gel? I've been using a combo of the two creams (alternating every night) in order to keep my acne at bay after a 6 month course of Accutane ended about a year ago.

Also what is the common usage of intense gel? I've read of people keeping it on all night... while others seem to wash it off like within an hour.

Thanks in advance!

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I used to do that. the Intense Gel -burns- (only a sensation, really-- I didn't notice my skin being burnt) when applied to skin constantly being exfoliated by retinoids.

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When in doubt, do without. Personally, I wouldn't. Why? Because retin-a/tazorac can irritate the skin and some of the ingredients in the Intense Gel could cause additional irritation. You could also email PureDeming and ask them.

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Hmm... if I don't use Retin-A/Tazorac I think I will break out more, so I'll take a risk and give it a shot.

If my skin burns and falls off ... well... no big deal anyway. =)

Oh, and thanks for the responses.

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Oh, another quick question:

typically, how long is the 1 oz bottle supposed to last if I use it every day? It's quite expensive for just a small bottle.

I'm on day 3 and I'm going through the placebo effect. I *think* my skin looks/feels better... but it might just all be in my head!

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