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Eco2 Fractional For Deep And Rolling? [Pictures]

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Hey guys (and girls). I know there's probably a dozen such questions per day here (and I'm slowly going through them one by one ;-)) but I would just like to ask is there any point in going for an eCO2 fractional laser treatment? My face is quite a mess now, I still have some acne left but I'm most concerned about the scars since I have both deep and rolling ones.

My story gets a bit more complicated because I live in Japan and there's only a handful of places where the doctor speaks English...

Last week I went to one clinic and they recommended either photofacial or VBeam but I decided to just ignore that place as it looked really shady.

Today at a different place the doctor told me about 3 treatments: Affirm fractional laser (which from what I understood is non-ablative), eCO2 (ablative?) and plasma. From the pictures plasma looked amazing but it's kind of over my budget (2.3k USD per session, required 3-4 sessions?). eCO2 looked OKish but didn't make me go all "wow I want this" and it's still pretty expensive (1.1k USD per sessions) and the doctor didn't seem really convinced himself (when I told him I'm a bit worried because my scars are deep/wide he only showed me 2 pics and said "you're between those 2 patients so the result should also be something between" wow thanks...) but maybe that's just me. Not sure how this compares to US prices but as I said I don't have much choice when it comes to clinics.

So basically what I'm wondering now is whether to try and go with 2-4 eCO2 treatments and hope for the best, save up more $$ and try plasma or try something else? For now I made an appointment for next Sunday for eCO2 but I'm full of doubts.

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Hi, Manddy.

How was your scar treatment going? I am living in Japan now and also feel trouble to find a good doctor for my scar. Did those treatment work for you and can I have the contact of those clinics?

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes for you.

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